"Re-examine all that you 

have been told, dismiss that

which insults your soul." 

Walt Whitman
My Personal Philosophy:


We are all sojourners in a foreign land. We can live our entire lives feeling we are ultimately  alone, protecting our personal egoic "brand" and pass to the next realm having walked this world doing the best we could on our own, but feeling less expansion than our souls came to experience, limited ultimately by fear.




We can share the journey. Be honest with ourselves and others about our victories and mistakes, our assumptions  and beliefs. We can fearlessly put those out there for comment and criticism, to goad us into growth we never knew we could achieve.


I choose the latter. I choose to operate more by love than fear. I choose to see my hesitancy to make myself vulnerable as egoic in nature, something with which to decrease identification. By doing this I hope to feel deeper my connection to You and to all LIfe and to illustrate to Myself again that we are not all that different from one another. With you and I working on ourselves in this manner we will strengthen not only one another, but a growing movement of awakening souls who need to see time and again that we are ultimately One. The following are the three primary tools I use:


WRITING: I am currently primarily a writer, addressing topics that have to do with the awakening of mankind. I have an active blog (attached to this site). I self-published a book in 2014 ("Sand") and am looking for a publisher to make it more widely available. My second book is under way. Finally, I have a substantial amount of prose, poetry and essays that I hope to make more widely available. Samples of these may be found under the "WRITING" tab of this site, as well as under, "MARLEYTHOUGHTS."


SPIRITUAL CONSULTING: I have found that many, many people that are going through their own spiritual transformations. It seems to be a part of the general awakening of humanity. I am happy to assist as a listening ear or in more involved ways. Some examples of the services I offer include personal counseling, "spiritual overhauls" and men's circles. See the "COUNSELING" tab above.


NATURE-BASED PRACTICES: My spiritual path has led me inexorably towards indigenous spirituality. A part of that journey has been an initiation into the Munay Ki, a body of rites brought from the Andes by Dr. Alberto Villoldo (Four Winds Society) that contain healing potentiality. I work with these in conjunction with conventional counseling when requested and/or appropriate. Out of respect for indigenous ways, I do not charge for sweat lodges or fire ceremonies. See the tab labeled, "NATURE-BASED PRACTICES" for more information or contact me directly.  

This is my life's passion and work. The following pages will outline in greater detail the tools I use to help myself and others more consistently see through the Illusion. 


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Vision Quest, 2009: Myself on the left, with two men that have had a huge impact on my life; Brennan Morrow and Kurt Lowrie.


Cindy, 2017

"The Illumination ceremony freed my bodies - spiritual, emotional and physical. I vibrate in harmony and happiness I don't recall experiencing."