I’m grateful for my eyes. The things they’ve seen… I remember one sunset, sitting on a surfboard at The Cove in Pacific City on a glassy day and literally praying that I’d never forget the colors that came at me from both sky and water. That prayer has been answered in the affirmative, for which I am grateful. My eyes have gazed into others’, wet with tears of joy or pain, and a communication unspoken has passed through them that I’d have been unable to comprehend any other way. They’ve enabled me to catch footballs thrown by my son, shed tears as my eldest daughter, dressed in a formal gown in a 4th grade talent show, solo-sang, “My Heart Will Go On.” They’ve seen my youngest cheer at a Var

How To End War: Ideology, Sand Castles and Collective Perspective, Part 1

This is Part 1 of a two-part essay about our culture, which has shown that it sees war as an answer to ideological differences. They address what can be done to shift our perspective from that which views deadly conflict as a legitimate solution to the challenges we face, to one that values inclusion and sees it as the future of mankind. One thing is becoming mightily apparent: we can’t have it both ways. So, what can be done? How do we start? This short series offers some possibilities. Looking back on the history of humanity, we know one thing: war will never bring lasting peace. Never. War alone has never shown itself to bring anything but a temporary ceasefire until the next conflict. Th

Moon, Ocean Creation, Emotion - and The Power of the Spoken Word

“In the very earliest times A person could become an animal if he wanted to And an animal could become a human being. Sometimes they were people And sometimes they were animals There was no difference. All spoke the same language. That was a time when words were like magic. The human mind had mysterious powers. A word spoken by chance Might have strange consequences. It would suddenly come alive And what people wanted to happen could happen – All you had to do was say it. Nobody can explain this. That’s the way it was. -Nalungiaq (Inuit) Included in “Soulcraft” by Bill Plotkin Today I will watch my words. Why? Because the condition described above has not changed - that of our words being

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