The Gargoyle: A Parable

We all have our demons, but where do they come from? What tools do we have to help us overcome them? It turns out that we have more than we thought, operating at our direction on many layers of what we call "reality." Let me introduce you to a person in another level of reality called a "Hunter." He'll the story of how his actions affect his "Master," someone just like you or me. A gargoyle sits on a distant, frigid cliff side in a vast wilderness. He is grey in color, and sees only grey. Grey rocks, grey trees, grey clouds; only the shade varies. He lives in a perpetual twilight. He feels neither warmth nor deep cold, yet he’s always slightly chilled. He is full of hate, and this emotion re

Death. Hospitals. Life.

I don’t want a clean, orderly life. Nor do I wish, metaphorically and literally speaking, to preserve this one beyond its natural length. Imagine the hall of an intensive care unit in a hospital. White walls and sterile, innocuous pictures on them. Whispers of grieving families. Sleeping patients that make minimal noise, drugged and comatose as they are. I submit that the presence of our current system of hospitals is a physical manifestation of our collective fear of death. Of course, it’s natural to want to preserve the life of a loved one indefinitely. My own dad wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for recent advanced cardiac procedures, and I’m grateful every minute that he’s still with

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