Jealous Guy: God and Practice

Exodus 34:14 Exodus “For thou shalt worship no other god: for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God…” What a difference a word makes. This word, “jealous,” was one of the words that got me out of organized religion. I had started meditating and experienced that my soul, when unencumbered with ego, was in alignment with God, no matter what. I’d become convinced that Identification with ego is the issue, and that it’s this way with everyone. It was a type and power of liberation that I had never experienced. So many things, including self-labels that I had been carrying for decades, simply dropped to the floor like poorly fit clothing – which had only looked good in a hall of mirro

A Study on the Entrapment of Being "Right"

I've experienced it, participated in it, been sickened by it, and I see it everywhere: attachment to being "right." Just as ice turns to water, concrete comes from sand and stagnation happens when flow ceases, attachment to being "right" can lead to a stance toward life that can actually stifle, rather than enhance it. To illustrate, I'm reminded of a scene from, "Avatar." Sully is meeting Mo'at, the spiritual leader of the Na'vi, for the first time, and he expresses a desire to learn their ways. She scoffs at him, saying, "It's hard to fill a cup that is already full." The point is that, as a visiting human, he "knows" so much that he is unteachable. This is a common situation. The short v

Shamanic Grounding

The core practice of shamanism, I'm convinced, is the use of the physical to embody, attract and manifest the spiritual. This seems counter-intuitive when we consider that idea that nothing physical manifests without an energetic genesis. How then does the physical manifest the spiritual? The answer lies in the understanding that, before we use the physical to manifest the spiritual, a seed of the spiritual has to precede it. Let me illustrate. One of the practices I've been taught is the "sand painting" (pictured above). This is a tool that uses natural elements - in this case, sand, stones and wood - to physically "illustrate" an intention. While I generally don't make it a practice to sh

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