Dust Orbits

Sometimes it's not about what we'd normally call, "typical" consciousness...sometimes it's about experiencing the wonder in each moment of life. This is a story - with a lot of autobiographical truth in it - about one of those moments. DUST ORBITS It’s not like she was beautiful in an overt way. She wasn’t. She was plain looking, as much as I hate that description. I mean, what is a “plain looking” person, anyway? I guess it was the fact that there was no one, definable thing that made her stand out to me. I still don’t know what it was about her to this day. All I know is that I needed, of all things, some stuff from a craft store to make a gift for my daughter, who is the only real love of

Caution: Meekness

True or not, beware of common ideas around, "the meek shall inherit the earth." Far too often, the virtue of meekness is used as an excuse to stand powerless in the face of conflict. When that’s done, meekness itself stands hollow, a skeleton that makes the person sad and sick. Worse, the person can actually claim a kind of moral high ground, a “martyred saint” self-perception that both justifies their people-pleasing non-action and provides fodder for future failure. That’s not meekness. Meekness understands her potential, sword drawn, but chooses to hand the sword off to one's Inner Warrior as necessary to protect the harvest rather than to rampage bloody. In other words, a meek person und

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