When the Work We Do Seems Soulless

I knew I needed to make some changes, but, damn. Not too long ago it became apparent that there was a block in my life. The same things kept coming up. When that happens to the point that personal growth stagnates, something is going on. It’s not the nature of Nature to stagnate. Nature is dynamic. Death happens, but it happens for a reason. Leaves die, but they fertilize the earth below the tree. A baby possum croaks, falls into a berry patch, and the berry plant uses the body to feed itself. The deaths I was experiencing seemed to just go into more death. In other words, my leaves were falling like they are supposed to, but then they weren’t doing anything very productive on the earth. My

Waves, Drops and the Soundtrack of Potentiality

Breaking ocean waves are the soundtrack of potentiality. They’re the white noise of the planet. They’re terrestrial 2 a.m. TV, awaiting programming to begin. Along with wind, waves never stop talking. Always they whisper to one another, to anyone who will listen. Always they tell stories. Always they create. But it’s not the waves that make the 2 a.m. noise. It’s actually the sound of drops cheering. More on this later. My line of sight hovers above waves and celebratory oceanic drops and then zooms off towards the edge of the planet. I find that all my sight is contained during the day. We have enough to think about already, I guess. So, sight has to stop at the point where the insistent oc

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