Red: The Angry Clover

Once upon a time, on a small footpath in the middle of an old forest, there was an angry little clover. “I’m pissed,” he frowned, pouting. It was all he could think to say. He had become that way when he realized that he was the only red clover in a field of green. All around him were his siblings, and they were all different from him. He didn’t want to call attention to himself, to talk about his problems with them. That would make it even worse. They’d probably even make fun of him. The problem with being a red clover in a field of green ones is that, if they do start to laugh at you, you have nowhere to run to. No legs, after all. Plus, a clover on the run is almost certainly going to att

Creator and Created: A Conversation

It’s dark, and I’m scared. (It’s ok.) Who’s speaking to me? (I am.) Who’s that? (I just told you, but it’s not important, really.) Oh. (You said two things a second ago. Do you remember what they were?) Yes, that it’s dark and I’m scared. (One of those is true no matter who you are. The other is a matter of perception.) You mean it’s dark to everyone, but not everyone is scared? (Yes.) Well, I’m still scared. Why are you asking me about this? (How would you feel about the dark if you weren’t scared of it?) Well, I guess I wouldn’t mind it that much. (So, it’s not the dark that bothers you, it’s how you feel about it that’s the problem. I don’t get it. (You just said that you wouldn’t mind th

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