The Puppeteer: A Parable

A man was invited to attend a shadow puppet show. It started out well enough, but before long he became upset with the shape of the shadows. They didn't suit his tastes and he wanted to change them. Three choices came to mind. He could destroy the source of the light. This would stop the objectionable shadows from being projected to the screen. However, as not all the shadows were disturbing to him, he would be deprived of beauty as well. He knew there was a better way. The next option was to gain consensus among the theatergoers. As he observed their reactions to the images on the screen, he realized that some cheered at images that he thought were mundane, or even repulsive, while others s

The Sacred Revolution: Courage Tribe Edition

NOTE: Last night, I was lucky enough to attend a gathering of visionary people celebrating an organization (movement?) called, "The Courage Tribe." It was a testament to me that the Revolution, the world I want to create, is one of joy and dancing, of respect and consideration for all of Life. And I am not alone - at all. Better yet, it's in motion and welcomes me and anyone else that can bring their light to the world, and who is unafraid of personal and cultural growth. I awoke with the seed of what follows. To find out more: THE SACRED REVOLUTION: COURAGE TRIBE EDITION A gathering of the participants of the Sacred Revolution occurred last night. My heart is awa

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