IN THE SHORT TERM, SURVIVING IS GREAT. IN THE LONG TERM, THRIVING IS REQUIRED! You’ve been through a divorce, the death of a parent, the downturn of ’08, and really bad bunions. You’ve raised kids that don’t like you and your eyeglass readers have bumped from 1.5x to 2.0x. In six months. You’ve seen enough in your few decades of life to convince you that luck is real and that hard work pays off… sometimes. You’ve been kicked and kissed, cuffed and missed, and through it all… You’re still here. Congratulations. So far, you’re a survivor. But I’m here to tell you that you are on earth to be more than that. You are here to thrive. Surviving is fine for the two months following a grizzly attack.

Ghost Math: We Are Never Alone

Ghost Math I am a ghost. I lived long ago. You think you’re alone. But you’re not. Once. When I was a body. I was in a coffee shop. A woman paused. Saw her reflection. In the glass. Sunny, summer day. Adjusting her hair, she smiled. I sat inches away. Smiling back. She never saw me. And she walked on. This is how it is for us. We see the things that you do. Your choices. Your stops in front of plate glass on a shining day. You adjust this or that. And then we smile, and move things. Not solid things. Those are of no lasting worth. But energetic things. You smile. So, we smile. There is no judgement. I am describing a process. As effectual as math.

Decisions, Dreams and Demons

First, a decision must be made; sacred and ineffable. Then, the kind demons arise from the underworld to challenge our resolve. This happens every time. These are the shell of the egg to the emerging chick, the comfortable cocoon to the dogged butterfly. They're seductive as sirens and just as deadly to our dreams. Their arguments make sense to our egoic minds. This "making sense" is the charnel house of some of our most precious gems. In the past, we've listened to these litigious monsters and our dreams were dragged away, kicking and screaming and begging to be birthed until only their ghostly memories are available to us. It can be a traumatic experience, the death of a dream. Those dream

City Lights and the Death of the Star People: A Modern Tale

Now to describe a phenomenon that’s so insane that it merits a thousand words. I want to talk about the lights of cities. I know we accept them as normal part of modern life, but there was a time when we lived quite well without them. In short, city lights are mankind’s tragic attempt to replicate stars. You can tell, in part, because they appear only at the very bottom of the night sky, about as high as we’ve figured out how to reach with ladders and cranes. As magnificent as they may seem, if we consider their impact on humanity, they’re essentially what’s left at the bottom of a French press, once the coffee is poured out: mildly useful for those with drooping standards. And not fresh. Al

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