Empath As Jesus: A Calling

“Come unto me, all you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Who said that? Do you know? It was Jesus. Where is he today? I look around me and I see a lot of heavy-laden people. For instance, I see people who call themselves “empaths” that seem to “feel everything,” bearing the collective weight of the heaviness of the suffering of the planet on their shoulders. Some are often at the brink of suicide. Hell, some live there. It’s a landscape they’re vastly familiar with. The energetic sum of suffering is so alive for them that on occasion, it is just too much and they spend a few days crying at home before they can pull out. And of course, there are those that do not pull out. We go

Conversation With A Christian

I had a really interesting experience the other day. A humbling one that might be worth sharing. I was approached on the street by a nice-looking man that wanted to “share about Jesus, and what he’s done” for himself. Then, in rapid-fire nervous-speak he added, “Do you read the Bible? Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? Are you a Christian?” My response was immediate and brutal. “No, I don’t study the Bible and I am not Christian. Instead, I follow Jesus.” Then I turned and began to continue walking. Never mind that that this is not how Jesus would have acted toward someone sincerely seeking. Like, at all. He looked confused. “How can you have a personal relationship with Jesus w

To My Soulful Brothers: 4 Things We Can Do To Change the World

WE ARE ALL CONNECTED, SO EVERYTHING WE DO, MATTERS. One thing I love about being a soulfully embodied man is having the power to walk in alignment with my values. We can't do anything immediately observable about "the way things are" regarding our unsustainable, unconscious way of life. The drudge of the cubicle. The oceans of plastic. The Machiavellian machine of modern government. We can now quantify that everything is energy. If that is true, and if everything from nations to forests to families and all the individuals within them have an energetic imprint, it's evident that we are collectively suffering to an immense degree. Certainly, the collective energy of humanity to this point has

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