Scheming and Balance

Quit your scheming. Walk in Balance. If you’re like me, and many more are each day because we are all evolving, you want something deeper. Deeper relationships. Deeper connection to the All. Deeper, more meaningful lives. If you’re like me, you’ve been chasing spirituality as if it could be increased. In reality, you and I have all the Connection we will ever need. It’s the uncovering of it that we are trying to do. And this is the problem. If you’re like me, and many more are each day because we are all evolving, you may have neglected the needs of day-to-day living in a world that requires a certain adherence to its own rules. We need jobs. We need work, and money. Those things require a c

The God of Life

My God didn’t create dead things. The God I've come to know creates only life. Not dead stones. Not dead trees. Not dead rivers, forests or mountains. Certainly not a dead planet. Whatever my God creates, is alive. Does yours create dead things? If so, I’m sorry. Considering this, we might do well to ask, “if everything is alive, or once was before its life expired, does it have will?” Hmm. Does a river, for instance, have will? Intention? Or am I assigning human traits to an inanimate object? Inanimate: lifeless. Spiritless, sluggish, dull. Uh-oh. My God didn’t create inanimate objects, either. Did yours? Again, I hope not. Because anyone who thinks S/He did, it might have more to do with t

The Limiting Illusion of Coincidence

A man sits down on his couch after a long day in front of a television set. He sees the remote control nearby, selects the “ON” button and presses it. The TV turns on. “Wow!” He exclaims. “What a coincidence!” If we were to observe this, we would wonder about his sanity. Coincidence? Of course it’s not a coincidence. It’s how things work, right? I stopped believing in coincidences in 2008. I had began meditating and experienced a reality greater than that which I had observed to that point. I couldn’t believe the power I had to influence my actions. No longer was I driven by mood; my moods had to do with many other things, as well. Including ego. Including how I was treating my body. Includi

Attention and Intention: Stay in Your Prayer

“We have to learn to keep our attention with our intention.” These words were spoken to me this morning by my good friend and teacher, Redtail. Why is that so hard? We have lost our ability to focus. During the Sun Dance, the Dancers are expected to keep their focus in the midst of severe discomfort that includes deep thirst, hunger, and more. “Stay in your prayer!” is often heard among them. It’s not easy. During times of extreme difficulty, if not mundane life, our minds want to wander. “Why am I doing this?” “Wouldn’t “that” be better?” “When will this end?” “I need relief!” All these messages come from our minds; minds that need lesser and lesser amounts of discomfort to trigger itself.

Sand. Stones. Storms. Soul.

When we are infants, our soul is open to all sunshine, and it flows through our bodies like water. We are held and warm. We are pure light, and we radiate the love of Creator through our eyes. Our bodies are new, and noisy in their demands. Clunky and stiff in relation to our souls, they are new mechanisms and not easy to learn. We are in this new vehicle in a vast desert, and we are happy to be here. And then we begin to grow. Life happens to us, and for us. Sandstorms begin to alight upon and blow through us, the events that make up a human existence. Sometimes, the storms can be severe. Occasionally, some bits of sand lodge here and there. Our souls know how to process it. Most of it, not

The Prophesy of the Return of Peace

I wish to apologize in advance to any of my blog subscribers who are not ready or willing to hear the message below. I understand and give my blessing if this makes you wish to withdraw from the mailing list. My intent is not to criticize or condemn as much as it is to make anyone ask questions and hold accountable an Institution that has, in my opinion, gone far astray. Please reach out to me personally if you wish to vent. I will hear you and do all I can to help in your healing, even if you are on your way out the door. In a recent Facebook post, I spoke about a God that was made of Love and that valued gratitude and creativity. It got several “Likes” and drew many approving comments both

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