Emotions and Dirty Blankets: Doorways to Personal Evolution

Sometimes I fall into the trap of acting as if an emotion is real, when it’s really just pointing to what is real to an aspect of myself, to a part of me. Let me give a classic example. I’m driving to work, chastising myself for waiting until the last minute to leave. I’m late because I didn’t get to bed on time. And then I didn’t get out of bed on time, nor did I sleep well. There’s a long line of cars waiting to merge into one lane. I’m barely going to make it on time, if at all. Suddenly, someone races up and cuts in front of me at the last second, almost causing an accident. A fire leaps within me – the familiar flame of anger, if not rage. Now, let’s pause. The anger is real. In the sen

Prayer To A Grandmother Shaman Moon

I’m sensing a powerful full moon, as she is bringing poignant emotions to the surface of my consciousness, borne of soulful desires for the health of the planet and all upon her. My advice to myself and anyone reading this: seek solitude. Close the door to your room, put in earplugs if you must, and breathe in stillness. Or get near a healthy river if you can, among the wise, old trees. No motors. No voices, except those of the birds and small mammals. These, curious to our presence and hopeful of our evolving love, may well be our biggest cheerleaders. After all, their survival is tied to ours. Setting down a blanket with patterns and colors that reflect our appreciation of beauty, and with

The Prophesy of Thoth and What It Means for Us THOTH's PROPHECY read from the Hermetic Texts by Graham Hancock As Mr. Hancock states, we are at a great crossroads. Light and death are at war, and sides are chosen in each instant. Occasionally, we see moments of starlight, but the trend often appears to be dark. Whatever percentage we are within, the darkness to the light, we can change the course of human history. We are in control of the trajectory of the tragic path, the wide road leading to destruction upon which we currently tread. But we cannot do it alone. As this learned man says, we cannot effect change on the macro level, alone. This is where the “professional protestors” err; the idea that, “if we j

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