Questions for Empaths

I just had an energetically horrific week. I took some time tonight (Thursday) to open sacred space, meditate, and go within. This is part of what I took away. In short, while I have substantial sacred quiet time every morning, I've become lax in some of the more powerful teachings and practices to which I have been exposed, those to which I have made commitments. Take a read and see what you think about your own walk. If you find it to be helpful, please pass it along. Is it possible that the increase in the number of "Empaths" in the world can be accounted for because of the increase in “ether-thinning” practices? (“Ether” is a term I use to describe the fabric that makes up our “aura”, or

I Work for the Universe

Who do I work for? Bad grammar aside, it should be an easy question to answer. It’s something I’m asked in one way or another on most work days. In most situations, I’m able to give the acceptable answer: I just name my employer. But this is no longer how I really feel. I’m a believer in the sovereign power of the Universe. If you’re reading this, if this essay has found you, you probably believe this to some extent as well. Still, I don’t care to debate specific Universal characteristics. I prefer to keep it general and let the individual find their own relationship, their own adjectives. Suffice it to say that there is a Power. It’s accessible and made of deeper love than I can comprehend

After the Lightning

Dripping leaves On morning trees Tell staccato stories Of last night’s Stormy rite “Did you see the lightning?” Mother cedar whispers To her saplings Gathered ‘round “Yet you are safe now - The rowdy clouds have Taken their party Elsewhere And we are tucked and fed In Pachamama’s Soulful bed By those who went before Nurtured from the forest floor Our wise ances-tree Whispers wisdom While our roots With Her Commune.” Excited birds And the insect world Awaken and hasten The telling of a Tale that’s older than time And it is this: A threat appears Protection is proffered Gratitude is granted And the Life that survives – Thrives. --Eric Aspen Marley September 1, 2019

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