Mankind, Animals and the Image of God

Animals don’t disobey God. They like it best when people don’t, either. What does that mean? To mine this idea, let’s talk about animals some more. Animals are beings of instinct. They don’t have the capacity for reason, because their brains aren’t made that way. It’s not that there is not innate wisdom inherent in their behavior. Think of the squirrels storing food for the winter, the migration patterns of hummingbirds, the way a pride of lions feeds itself. There is no thought to these activities. Rather, there is an impulse and it’s followed. Animals can be trained out of these behaviors, it’s true. Obviously, circuses are full of animals that are trained to avoid their true nature. If th

How It Is and How It's Not: Contemplation On the Nature of Spirit

This is not how it is. It’s like how it is. And this is what I want to say. The One is the Ocean of Consciousness. We sometimes call this, “God.” Another title can be, “Creator.” We might get a little closer to the Reality by calling this, “The Great Awareness.” Whatever the words, nothing exists before or after this “Is-ness,” and these terms are inadequate, time-based as they are. God is The Great Unity. All that Is, is This. These terms, taken together make no sense to a human mind. They are irreconcilable because they attempt to assign a title to that which can not be captured by titles. Any title taken too far will lead us astray. The great I AM is as good a descriptor as any. From ther

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