Dream Home

(a slight remake of a FB post from late November, since deleted) Today Walk into the empty home built To contain your dreams And start decorating. Fill it Not with nicknacks and plasticized toys But with quality craftsmanship and soulful artwork. Create your own furniture Crafted of solemnly harvested timber From the deep woods of your own heart Paint pictures from the episodes of your life To hang on the walls Showing all those invited inside The expansive nature Of your wandering And hinting that For all your travels You never even once Left the sacred realm Of Creator's gift of grace. And, once you fully occupy this home Once it is truly yours Bake us some cookies And bring them Piping ho

Committed: Thoughts for Monday Morning

Most of us have weekends off. Presumably, we spend that time in some leisure; we catch a movie, read a book or make meals with the family. Even if we’re doing chores around the house, there’s usually increased satisfaction to the prospect. We’re working toward an end that is a direct effect of our efforts. Hanging Christmas lights makes the house is cheery for the holidays and lines up with a family tradition, for instance. There’s immediate satisfaction to things like that. We attempt, it happens. Easy. For most of us, the weekends are what they were meant to be; a respite. On Monday, however, the respite is over. We’re no longer as free to pursue our wandering joy, or even familial tasks t

Visual Consumption: Thoughts for Men Who Are Becoming Conscious

** Warning: This contains some language and references to rape and rape culture that may be difficult for some readers. This is a love letter to my “becoming-conscious” brothers. At the same time, it’s cautionary. Hopefully it will be generally taken as both. While it may appear to be, it’s not coming by way of self-righteousness. I openly admit that I have not learned to embody this in every instance. But I’ve experimented with it enough and embody it sufficiently, I think, to feel comfortable bringing my experience to light. I’m imperfect, then, but the message itself is inspired. Along the lines of listening to inspired messages from imperfect people: the days have passed where I won’t he

Conspiracy Theory

Let’s talk conspiracy theories for a second. As in, something is conspiring to keep you and I stuck. I mean, the biggest conspiracy theory in the world is the idea that there is an evil red dude with a pointy stick that lives in the netherworlds. (Not the Netherlands. That’s different.) This dude wants you to join him, and does all in his power to tempt you away from God. That’s a conspiracy theory that billions of people believe. Now, I’m no Bible apologist. Not by a long shot. Not by an eternity. I see holes, flaws, and man’s deformed handprint all over it. But that doesn’t mean there are not kernels of truth in it, and some are substantial. I think that at one point in time the spiritual

The Man and The Choice: Doorways to Wisdom

A man sat alone near midnight in the middle of a home with two glass doors: one to the left of him, and the other to the right. The man, as pious as he knew how to be, prayed for knowledge about the Creator that he called “All That Is.” On the night of a full moon, the Great Goddess, she who gave birth to this world, heard his prayers. She decided to visit this man and grant his wish. But She in her wisdom wanted to know how badly he desired this understanding. Especially, She wanted him to know how badly he wanted it. For anyone can speak a prayer with the lips; only the heart truly knows how to pray. So, she came up with a plan. She would send two women, one to each door. The first would b

Processing Peak Experiences: Planting Soulful Seeds

I had what is commonly called a “peak experience” this past weekend. There are a lot of reasons to not get into specifics here. They include the idea that the telling of peak experiences, unless required, is generally egoic. I agree with that idea in most instances. The telling of these experiences can diminish their power in our own lives unless they themselves dictate the telling. After all, we don’t own them. Instead, if we’re lucky, they own and possess us. Another reason to keep them safe within us is so they can grow. It’s said that Mary, visited by the Angel Gabriel and seeing the events that included her cousin Elizabeth proclaiming her role as a sacred vessel, “kept these things, an

You As Angelic Messenger: What I See About You

(This appeared in FB 11/3, in case it looks familiar). What if you really believed you came here to perform a great service for humanity? What if you really, really knew that you had superpowers that you have developed over lifetimes, over millennia? Close your eyes… see yourself as this person, this sacred servant, this messenger and oracle, this light. Can you see her? Is he present in your thoughts, right now? Conjure this image, here and now. What is she wearing? What light shines from his eyes? Can you see it? There’s nothing more important than this at this moment. Why? Because I believe what I’ve written describes you. It describes me, too, and everyone else. The only factor in the bi

Thirst and Madness: Finding Drinking Water in the Middle of Your Ocean

“They were at sea nine years… During this time, they were shipwrecked three times. Twice they were picked up by friends, but the third time they had to take to life boats. His faithful friend… must have drowned because he never saw him again. There were nine sailors in the boat with Abia. They drifted for many days. Their food ran out and water could only be gotten when it rained, and they were fortunate to catch any. Some of the men went insane. One jumped overboard…” --From “Settlers of the West: Histories of the Lorenzo Snow and Flora Waterman Whiting Families,” Compiled by Katherine Whiting Stokes Abia Brown, the one referred to in the quote above, was my ancestor. I learned about him fr

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