Friends, teachers, poets, authors and video goodies to brighten your day and expand your soul!

Redtail Healing Arts

Redtail is my primary Teacher. He holds a Phd in Psychology, has studied with more heores of mine and most importantly, walks his talk. From his Redding, California home he teaches classes and holds workshops that have made a huge impact on my life.

Tiki Taane "Tangaroa"

Amazing video from a New Zealander that, for me, captures the spirit of an indigenous vision quest. Touches me every time I see it. I don't know the Maori path, but I see similarites between this and some other indigenous rites with which I have become familiar.

Garret John, "The Wayseer Manifesto"

Never tire of this 9 minute video promoting a new paradigm. A combination of science (lite) and motivational woohoo. And what's with that dude's voice? Beautiful!

Please reload

"Rattlebone" by Robbie Robertson. Stuck it here for the first few lines alone.... but the rest ain't bad, either!

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