• Aspen Marley

Step Into Your Power

It's time to step into your power.

The world needs you like a child needs her mother. You came here with gifts that you have stowed at the behest of those that bowed to their fears of not being enough. Dig through the remnants of your shattered dreams and pull those pre mortal jewels into the light. Recall the names of the friends that you had before you exploded onto this earth, with whom you laughed in a nature so vast and full of beauty that the description cannot be seen with the mortal mind. Their names are written in the heart of the great Stillness that resides within you. Relearn their language. Let them teach you what to say, and then translate it into words that the rest of us can understand with our hearts. You have every right to speak as an oracle. The world waited this long to birth you for a reason. You are the batter at the bottom of the ninth, two outs, three on base, down by one.

You are our best hope and we await the words of your gifts, the touch of your warm hands on our trembling minds, clearing away the soil that fell into our hearts when fear shook us. We need you.


December 2015

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