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Prophesy: January 9, 2015

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

This came to me as I was driving on this day. It is coming true already so I am putting it out there now so it can be known, but I am not publicizing it at this time. If you've found it before I've made it available to a larger audience, the message is for you particularly.

This is what you need to know.

The books you call scriptures are true, but not like you think they are. To the extent that they are true, they were originally communicated using the language of archetype and shadow mixed with literal meaning. As such, they contain metaphor, shadow and example. They are not to be taken literally. They are not to be trusted in and of themselves in a literal fashion, and hold no authority in their current incarnations, except as guides – not gods. That is all I will say about them at this point.

Here is what you can expect in the not so distant future. As with all prophesy, some of the following is literal, some is type and some is shadow. Use your discernment to tell which from which.

There is and will be in the future, almost immediately, an increase in the gulf between the haves and the have-nots. Opportunity for many will be scarce. Food and water will become commoditized to an extent heretofore unheard of on the earth, in our memory at least. Hardship and, to an extent, the proliferation of plant medicines will shake the foundations that have been relied upon for millennia. As this occurs, most organized religion will be seen for what it is; a power grab in the name of fear to more easily control humans. Increasing numbers of people will become disaffected with it. They are going to drop through the cracks of accepted mores of spirituality. They are going to feel adrift and they are going to be hungry for Connection and Meaning.

With religion out of their consideration for deeper meaning, the disaffected humans are going to turn to something they can hold to, that does not judge them in ways incomprehensible to them. They’re going to turn to the Earth. They are going to turn to shamanism and other earth-centric spiritual modalities. They are going to drop the things they learned from religion that offend their innate sensibilities and keep the rest. All customs and mores that are founded on concepts offensive to LIfe will fall. Human culture itself will be in an uproar and will feel as if it is built on sand, except to those that ground into and upon the earth herself. Those who do will hear her voice. They will equate it with the voice of God. They will learn a new language; the language of the Force That Courses Through All Life, that of Creator, of Wakan Tanka. They will no longer be governable by mankind. They will appear to live without rule. They will look frightening to those that cling to the edifices of the past for support and strength.

Many of those that are caught by the earth from their free fall will deepen their humankind dimensions into truly beautiful creations. They will be artists, healers, workers with the land. They will glow. They will accept nothing but peace. They will walk with respect for all life. As such they will be sought after. They will eschew glory for their own sakes, instead giving it to helpers and teachers such as the Sky, Sun, Earth, personal power animals and spirit teachers, both human and non-human. They will take their sacred things, which will not be respected by the unaware, and vanish time and again into the forest, or desert, or community, or ocean. They will take on the characteristics of the things they hold in esteem. They will be shape shifters and will be powerful enough to be feared but will walk in service to the souls of mankind.

Others who are left flat by religion will ground into the earth as well. But she will search them as she does all who lay upon her and ask her for assistance, and those that are still wanting power will find it. Many will use shortcuts like entheogens in a disrespectful manner to their own destruction, walking away from the path of service. If the healing language of the earth, which is always indicated by the call to come to serve rather than to seek power for powers’ sake, is not heard by these, they will be approached by less-helpful spirits. These spirits will empower this breed of shaman and will fulfill the egoic lusts of the flesh in a spiritual way. These will become the dark artists of the new world. They will seek blood to increase their power and to appease those smaller gods whose favor they seek. They will be called sorcerers, shamans and witches. Anyone who practices earth magic will be lumped into these categories by some, but only the ones that seek power from the earth and spirits for their own selfish desires will be dangerous. But they will increase. The day will come when the unprotected will not be safe laying down a tool or walking after dark, so great will be the effects of their magic on the land.

The peaceful ones will go under the earth. They will grow together in love. They will eat roots and fruits with gratitude. They will smile, and they will be clean. They will live under a higher, mostly unspoken law. They will shed very little blood. They will await rescue.

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