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What Do We Want?

The man who walks into a hardware store to purchase a drill isn't looking for a tool, he wants a hole. Similarly, the culture that values weaponry and other various armaments is not looking for strength, it is looking for security. The problem with the latter is that security can never be found outside, in "things", even high-tech weapons. It can't be obtained by militarizing technology at the expense of freedom. It will never be grasped through anything outside of our souls. Do we live in a world where weapons are useful at times and in extreme cases? Certainly. But when we rely on things outside of soul to bring peace, to salve a fearful Self - or a whole culture of Selves - we are investing in a hope that is not based in anything permanent. It's a hope that is elusive and vaporous and dependent upon conquest and domination. These attitudes act to separate us from Who We Are. Nor is it helpful to hide behind the robes of Deity, to say we are somehow fighting "His" "righteous" battles. If it is harmful to our inner peace, true Deity will guide us away from the desert which separates us into vast, fruitful and flowering fields that can only be reached by those with faith; not in weaponry and a twisted fascination with might and struggle, but in the deeper unity of all Life. It's time we left the spin doctors, war mongers and tech maestros to their silly and divisive games and devices. We must turn toward one another and our inner selves with love and compassion as the Masters have always taught. Now is the time. The human heart is the place.

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