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On my mind: just because I have a desire, it doesn't mean it has to be satisfied. I've been studying what it means to be a warrior. What were historical warriors like - the Native American as well as the Oriental such as the Samurai and the Ninja? How did they live, and why? From what I can tell, they were (and are) creatures of privation. Not because they had to be, but because there is something in self-denial that creates inner strength. And without inner strength, outer strength is compromised. I don't believe a warrior - certainly not a spiritual warrior - is ever addicted to anything, including convenience. Moreover, the things that even a decent man enjoyed, a warrior seemed to want no part of. I'm 1200 words into an essay that explores these ideas, with no end in sight. I am conducting a personal experiment as well: what effect does self-denial of certain things have on my soul? Has convenience made me soft? What effect does convenience have on my ability to show up spiritually? What effect does it have on deep, vibrant, healthy masculinity?

Any thoughts on these subjects would be welcome to me. Comment here (if you can) or feel free to email me at

Meanwhile, the first snow in Central Oregon this year happened yesterday. Inside my tipi this morning it was 27 degrees.

Game on.

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