• Eric "Aspen" Marley

Making Happy Ghosts

Make a happy ghost.

Have you ever pictured yourself as a spirit, recently passed, looking back on your life? I highly recommend it.

Next time you're at a favorite "haunt", ask yourself why it's a favorite. Do the same with most everything - just for a day.

Imagine what emotions would arise if you were to re-visit the relationships, the work, the time spent one way or another… what comes up? Would you see laughing? Nature? Adrenaline-fueled giggling? Would your primary relationship be one of conscious, mutual approval and support? Would your work feel like it is giving back to the world for the privilege of being alive and human in such an amazing, magical time as NOW? Would regret arise? Where?

Any feelings of regret should be serious impetus to consider making a change.

Horror movies are made of angry ghosts. I don’t want to be one of those. I am living my life in such a way, I hope, that makes a happy ghost, a laughing ghost. One that says, “wow, how much fun was that?”

If you’re like me, you have your struggles and situations that seem to arise out of nowhere, your “how the hell am I attracting that?” scenarios.

There are many potential answers to those kinds of questions. They may be answers to prayer or needed pointers toward a weakness that’s preventing us from accepting all the Universe has to offer. They may be unwanted consequences of unconscious actions. This is all a part of life, a part of this incredible school, this thorough testing and teaching grounds. But what are we doing with every second, regardless of the situation?

If it’s anything less than consistent joy and gratitude, it’s not worthy of our future happy ghosts.

Each of us owe it to ourselves to step forward in time and look back on our lives as an entity that can no longer have an effect on the life we choose now; every moment, every relationship, every choice we make.

Are we spending our time doing things that feed our souls?

Are we making happy ghosts?

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