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Do not expect to be always happy on this way. You have been caught by a Lion, my dear…

Watch the man beating a rug. He is not mad at it. He wants to loosen the layers of dirt. Ego accumulations are not loosened with one swat.

Continual work is necessary, disciplines.

(Disciplines, Rumi)

Happiness is not the way.

This is the way of ego, chasing whichever "need" is loudest in the moment. The man chasing mere happiness is scattered and joyless as one egoic void after another opens its cavernous mouth top be filled. This gets old.

The language of soul, on the other hand, is that of joy and copious roads of synchronicity. Joy smiles when challenges arise because they are only a part of the path, not obstacles, and they bring their gifts as certainly as the smooth times.

Religious people see happiness as the cessation of discomfort, as any ego does. Spiritual people, shamanic people, see discomfort as signs that a compassionate Universe is strengthening us for the challenges and opportunities ahead that can only be met with the work in front of us, as surprising as it may be. This person knows the Unity of All and trusts that the Universe knows how to prepare us.

We are lions.

We are held by The Lion.

Now, roar - no matter the present circumstance!

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