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I am STOKED to announce that I am moving my tipi to sacred ceremonial land within the next couple months. The land is between Sisters and Bend and will be a place for fire ceremonies and sweat lodges, as well as teachings on Jane Roberts (Seth), sound healings and workshops.

I am also beginning individual coaching services. The fee is simple: 10% of a client's monthly income. There are two reasons for that. First, until one is ready to invest in themselves at that level, they're not quite serious enough. Secondly, 10% of our income needs to be given back in order to maintain Universal "flow."

Don't believe me? Try it.

My clients will get what they need from me within six months and then be expected to keep that level of donation to the charity or "good cause" of their choice in perpetuity. This ancient wisdom of "wopila" is largely forgotten. I wish to bring it back.

I expect to have a Lakota sweat every two weeks or as requested starting about mid-September, and Andean fire ceremonies on new moons. (If you want to help build the lodge, let me know). This website has been less than "kept up" as we are in the midst of ceremony season (Sun Dance about 2 weeks away) and my work at Face the Current has been beyond crazy, not to mention a weekly post at Good Men Project and several other consultative ventures, not to mention brainstorming with my partner and life coach Danielle Mercurio, and working on preserving 160 acres of sacred land in No Cal for vision quests and deeper teachings.

It's been a busy, blessed time. In the end... this is all going to free me up to do nothing but my passion, which is to:

to facilitate consciousness in myself


bring what consciousness I can to the world

That's all I want to do. Everything I do that's NOT in alignment with that is in the process of going bye-bye. It's taken me a half-century to figure out that WE GET WHAT WE CONCENTRATE (ACT) ON, AND THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS (Seth).

Well, I "knew" it, but was unable to get out of my own way long enough. Maybe you have a friend like that? ;)

Shamanism is, after all, a PATH, not a DESTINATION. And it's going to save the world.

Big love to you!

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