• Eric Aspen Marley

Moon, Ocean Creation, Emotion - and The Power of the Spoken Word

“In the very earliest times

A person could become an animal if he wanted to

And an animal could become a human being.

Sometimes they were people

And sometimes they were animals

There was no difference.

All spoke the same language. That was a time when words were like magic.

The human mind had mysterious powers.

A word spoken by chance

Might have strange consequences.

It would suddenly come alive

And what people wanted to happen could happen –

All you had to do was say it.

Nobody can explain this.

That’s the way it was.

-Nalungiaq (Inuit)

Included in “Soulcraft” by Bill Plotkin

Today I will watch my words.

Why? Because the condition described above has not changed - that of our words being incredibly powerful. How could it change, something this fundamental to Creation, to Creator and the reality with which we’ve been gifted?

What has changed is our belief in the power of the spoken word, which has changed our experience as humans. In these days we speak, often contradicting ourselves. We love this, then we hate this. We want that, then we despise that. We are going to do this… and then we don’t. And far too often, the sword of the spoken Word is turned upon ourselves.

We’ve lost the habit of silence, of contemplation and inner contentment, of letting the high tides of our emotions settle from full to new moons before we comment and act, before we give disparate emotions lives of their own and send them half-baked into the world. In short, we speak too many words, and carelessly, because this is what we’ve been taught: the quiet child is troubled.

In contraposition to this, we have the wisdom of the hidden sages who teach that the Universe is kind, and at our command. We are ultimately in control of our experience and, with practice, I’m confident that we can once again participate in the magical power of ourSelves in cooperation with the smiling Universe.

The key is to align our experience with this truth. The key is to mine carefully the words we speak.

May it be so, and may it start with me.

(photographer unknown)

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