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December 28, 2017

If you subscribe to this website/blog, you’ll get this message. I don’t think I’ll put it out anywhere else (unless I feel called to do so, of course).

The ether is thin right now. I believe it has to do with the moon cycle as this is the third in a series of three Super-moons, coming up January 2. Spirit is able to communicate with humankind especially clearly at this moment, if we are not distracted and if we choose to pay attention. So, it pays be particularly observant at this time. However it is that you/we receive messages from the Divine – dreams, images, “instant knowing,” whatever – please take note and implement the messages.

Understand one other thing (I may share this one): human life is not about eschewing “evil” in the pursuit of “being good.” We are already innately virtuous, as souls that have taken upon us a human body. Rather, the focus is most helpful when it’s upon the act of embodying that which we call good, or to us a less-sticky term, helpful. As we embody the virtue that’s already within us, that which is contrary to the soul naturally falls away. Interestingly, so does the act of labeling things as good or evil, whether it be situations or people. We walk with an inner light that attracts more light. Integrity is not an issue with which we struggle because we have embodied a rich, virtuous luminosity

To the extent we do this, the door is opened into the Spirit World. We walk in two worlds at once, and both are equally important.

The physical world is important, when we walk in this manner, because this is where our bodies exist and they know no other realm. This is also where the sacred Present exists, with karmic opportunities and pitfalls that may be felt in all dimensions where we might "play." We are, then, bound to love this place – for that reason if for no other.

The spiritual world is important because our souls are multi-dimensional, existing in several if not multitudinous planes simultaneously. This lends a certain weight to all we do here, and it carries a weight itself as it’s the location of all our possibilities and dimensional selves.

I say these things, not to get us into our heads about what that means and how it all works. This is not the question. In fact, there is no question, only Being. I only mention this to remind ourselves to cultivate whatever means and methods are most helpful in the quest to be conversant with the Unseen. For as we know, although it is invisible it certainly doesn't mean it is irrelevant.

This is what I wanted to say. Happy Solstice, and I hope you enjoy a 2018 that is filled with beauty and light.

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