• Eric "Aspen" Marley

Aye. Eye. I. The Story of All of Us.

This is our story.




Yes, that’s it. I.

All is dark, but I am. Warm. I. Held. Whole. Light…in the darkness…separation. Light…and darkness…me.

Me. Arrive. I emerge.

Ever so slightly…compassionately. I emerge.

I blink now. I see above me a sheet of blue. All is blue. Warmth made me. No, it brought me here.

Without warmth I could not have been. I might have been in some way, but I might have remained “Aye,” and never come to “I.”

Warmth…where does it come from?

Oh! And what makes me sway? Wait…


Others. Others like me. Are here. This is called a “field.” This is a field of cotton. I laugh. I am cotton! I have come here, and I am fruit! I am the fruit of a cotton plant, in a place called, “Alabama.” And this is a field, of many, many, many others that look just like me!

It’s all coming to me now.

I am cotton. The sun gives me warmth. The night gives me respite. The wind makes me sway.

And we are one field. And I am one, with others. Here. In this place called, “Alabama.”

I am.


I breathe, and I sway, and I am light and there is darkness.

I lived this way for several weeks. Sometimes water would fall from the sky. The sky! I had to laugh. Water that nourishes the mother plant from which I emerged, that she has to work to bring up from the Earth that playfully keeps it from her, it first comes from the sky. For free! The Earth Mother Pachamama… mama… Mama Earth… she gets it for free, and then gives it slowly, slowly to the plants, and my mother is cotton, and I am her fruit. And as Pachamama fed her slowly, I also get fed slowly.

I emerged. I am in the sun. And the sun is in me. I am white now, and fluffy, and I am drying in the sun.

And I am happy.

I have seeds in me.

Those seeds will… whoops!

I’m plucked!

My seeds are gone! Oh… sadness… oh! For the first time, I feel sadness. My seeds are gone. I won’t participate in perpetuation. But the sadness, it fades. it leaves.

Leaves. That’s funny. Mother Cotton had those.

Perpetuation, though, is not my purpose. It’s no one’s purpose, not really. It’s what we do, many of us. But it’s not our purpose. Our purpose is to be. And check it out. I am being!

So, I am perfectly being. I am perfect as I am.

I am.

Hey, that’s God’s name! I am perfect as I am as I am being.

That makes me chuckle. Happiness.

I can’t tell you all that happened next, after the seeds were removed. It was a lot! But, in short, I was washed and changed into something that I couldn’t even fully describe. Someone had to tell me what happened, because so much occurred that was outside nature that words… we don’t have words for that.

But you’re a human, so I will tell you this.

The movie, “First Blood.” I was in that movie!

You remember the scene at the beginning, when Rambo is running away and he is cold and he finds a piece of canvas? And it’s so dramatic and he is so cold! And I don’t know what cold is, really, I mean… Alabama, right?... But he’s moving fast – probably the cold – and he finds this canvas and he cuts it so dramatically, and there! He put it over his head and covers his shoulders and body and then ties it and runs off?

I was in that scene. Canvas, yo! That was me in there!

So that scene… they “shot” that – I guess you know what that means. I don’t…cotton, right? But this is what I feel to say. They shot that scene and then, I got put away. I was put away in storage.

I was put in darkness. And other things… other things were on top of me.

And then light, and then darkness, and oh! The sun again! And then darkness. And I ended up… in… a dump. I ended up in a dump! That’s fun to say to myself. But it’s not as fun to experience. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just sad to see it all end.

I was covered with all kinds of things.

And warmth came again, and broke me down, and separated me, and there were many things, with many stories, and we, under the dump, we told each other and we shared and we laughed and we cried and then their laughter and stories faded… and… and…


I am held.

I am at rest. My words fade. And…




(Photographer unknown. But is likely white and fluffy.)

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