• Eric "Aspen" Marley

Secrets and the First Prayer

You don’t believe in secrets anymore, do you?

I mean… I suspect you once believed in Santa Claus, too. But eventually, the evidence either piled up too high for the foundation of childhood wish to support and it fell, or a single event alone razed that belief. A mischievous older sibling. A stash of toys reveled in a seldom-used closet in late November. And the wrecking ball exploded an aspect of hope that has never returned.

Secrets, for someone like you, must have fallen into that same category by now.

You’ve come to believe, after all, that all is energy. Therefore, all is alive. The ways the energy organizes itself doesn’t look like you or me, usually, but there’s life there. You’ve come to know this. There’s a vibration to a rock, for instance. If you’ve explored this further, you’ve come to know that there’s a voice, too, and a sentience. Again, different from yours or mine, but present nonetheless. In some ways inferior and in others, greater.

It follows then, that at the most fundamental level, all this vibrating matter is made of increasingly simple things. Underneath the elements of the periodic table, underneath electromagnetic bonds, there is, we suspect, a One. A Fabric that unifies everything. And this Everything is filled with the knowledge of God. It sees. It hears. It knows. This is true of all things, at some level.

So, it will be no surprise to you that there are no secrets. Yes, secrets can be kept from people, on the level of idea. On the level of consciousness, or language, certainly. And deception also exists on these levels, and these alone. Energy is never deceived. The fabric called, “One”… is never deceived. This is what energy is made of. What I’m about to tell you, then, may come as a slight surprise.

Before I tell you my “slight surprise,” know that requests made from the energy of the One carry more weight than requests made from lower energetic vibrations. Requests of “One Energy” are in alignment with the One, so they happen immediately. Period. Requests made from egoic want… well, that’s a 50/50 prospect at best. If they happen to be alignment with One Energy and if the request is such that it’s granting allows us to continue the course we came here to chart, they’re conditionally granted. This is an oversimplification, but the idea is this: if you made a request that’s in alignment with One Energy, no amount of prayer made from Egoic Want will have any efficacy against it. You can pray until you’re blue in the face, and you’re not going to see the result you – Egoic You, Illusion You – ask for.

Time for the slight surprise.

We all know on some level – the level of One Energy, the level at which we’re all connected - that you are greater than what you’ve shown us so far. This is to be expected here, in this time and place. And it’s completely forgivable, and understandable, and all that. No one is saying you’re no good as you are, that you’ve blown it, or anything of that nature.

But when you decided to come here, you did so in a place that was free of fear and infused with

love. All you and I did before we came to this place was because of love. So, when each of us set our intents for this journey, and we were told of the potential pitfalls and cruxes of such a journey, we shrugged them off and kept focused on the intent.

I mean, if there’s no fear, that’s what you do, right?

Also, in a place of no fear, we dreamed big. I mean, BIG! We intended to be saviors, and warriors of light, and healers and magicians and alchemists. Teachers and sages and lovers of All… these were the natures of our intents, before we came here. So, I hate to tell you this, but we prayed from that level to attain those things, whatever they were for us.

You prayed at the level of One Energy to be a Teacher.

You prayed at the level of One Energy to be a Healer

You prayed at the level of One Energy to be a Bringer of Light.

You prayed at the level of One Energy to be a Seer.

You prayed at the level of One Energy to Show the Way to Healing.

Or any number of great things.

So, whatever else you or I are doing here… if they don’t point us to whatever those dreams are (are, because they still echo)… well, good luck with that. Because there are no secrets.

The stones and birds and waters, all the manifestations of energy around you Sees you, and they hear You. Your First Prayer, those made with One Energy, still echo through time. They are present, not past. The Energies have their orders, and those are made of Love. And they will be carried out. And those orders are to support you in your sacred First Prayer, no matter what else you pray after that, or what your Illusion prays after that, or what someone prays that you’ll do after that.

The First Prayer rules them all.

Know that we all see you. We see you struggle when you don’t have to. We see you make decisions when you’re alone – which we’ve established as an illusion – that take you away from the First Prayer. And it’s ok on a human level. We all do this from time to time. But we’re waiting for you to step into your Power, to assume your position at the head of the table. We await your instruction, your touch, your specific flavor of light. We need it, and we need it now.

Once I dreamed I was chased and damaged to near death by demons. I slept on a gray beach for a month, healing from my wounds. When I awoke, I was surrounded by knights, princes and princesses, who were simply awaiting instruction.

This applies to you as much as it applies to me. You and I are surrounded by those who are waiting for you to step into Who You Are. To lead. To inspire.

There are no secrets.

Step now into your dreams, my friend. Use the energy all around you to remember who you are, and the contents of your First Prayer. And I think you’ll see that the energies will buoy you up, and squelch your fears, and show you that you really are that leader of us into Beauty, into Peace.

Most of all, walk in the light of your First Prayer, and show us we have no need of secrets, either.

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