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Creator and Created: A Conversation

It’s dark, and I’m scared.

(It’s ok.)

Who’s speaking to me?

(I am.)

Who’s that?

(I just told you, but it’s not important, really.)


(You said two things a second ago. Do you remember what they were?)

Yes, that it’s dark and I’m scared.

(One of those is true no matter who you are. The other is a matter of perception.)

You mean it’s dark to everyone, but not everyone is scared?


Well, I’m still scared. Why are you asking me about this?

(How would you feel about the dark if you weren’t scared of it?)

Well, I guess I wouldn’t mind it that much.

(So, it’s not the dark that bothers you, it’s how you feel about it that’s the problem.

I don’t get it.

(You just said that you wouldn’t mind the dark if you weren’t scared in it, right?)


(So, the dark is bringing out a quality that lives in you, rather than being fearsome in its own right. Does that make sense?)

I guess so. You mean that the dark isn’t what’s scaring me, it’s how the dark makes me feel that scares me?

(Go on…what does that tell you about feeling scared?)

I guess feeling scared of the dark is… kind of a choice? Something I'm allowing to happen?

(Well, let’s be compassionate to you here. Feeling fear is a natural thing, just like it’s natural to feel joy, pain and loneliness, in their turns. But fear can be especially oppressive. It, more than any other emotion, can stop us from acting.)

What do you think my fear is preventing me from acting? I mean, doing?

(I would ask you the same question.)

I don't know. How do I find out what fear is keeping me from?

(You can find out by asking yourself what thing must attain, what your soul desires, more than anything else?)

I can’t say, exactly. I think I can see it, but it’s hard to explain.

(That makes sense. Our dreams can be hard to describe. But what do you see? Try to explain as best as you can.)

I see yellow. And light. And some green. And I sense a vibrational happiness that flows through me. I can’t explain it exactly, but it’s something I came here to be, a fulfillment of all my soul is to be. That makes me smile. It's beautiful!

(Yes, it is! And that’s a fine explanation. How does it make you feel?)

So happy! In love with that vision of my life. It makes me full of joy!

(There! When you said those words, did you feel any fear at all?)

Wow! Not one bit!

(So… from that experience, what do you think the key to losing your fear of - and in - the dark is?)

Keeping my thoughts on what my soul wants to be? On this, more than anything else?


Hmm…The dark sometimes seems…I can't find the word...


Yes. That.

(Did you know that that’s one of Darkness’ jobs?) To oppress?

(To show us our fear.)

We couldn’t see it in the light? No, I guess we couldn’t.

(So, what are you afraid of?)

Being caught here forever, I guess.

(And why does that scare you?)

Because deep down, I know I can have what I want: the joyful blue and yellow and green I saw a moment ago. I know my soul wants it and that I can have it, but I’m afraid I won’t get it.

(The darkness will keep you as long as you fear, and no longer.)

Really? Why?

(Because fear and dark are tied together for you, to push you into growing.)

How will they do that?

(You wouldn’t ask deep, soulful questions if you lived only in the light. The darkness makes you find your fear so you can see the difference between the light and the dark, and consciously choose light. In other words, the dark makes you consciously choose your Dream over your Fear. Does that make sense?) You mean that when I get tired of being scared of the dark, I’ll find my own light and it’ll let me go?

(Yes. And the longer you hold the vision in your mind, and the clearer you do so, the less power the dark will have over you, because you no longer fear – just like you experienced a moment ago.)

So, that means that the dark is not my enemy. Not really.

(You’re right. Can you explain why?)

Because without the dark, I wouldn’t have known what my fears were.

(And what were they? Do you remember?) That I wasn’t enough. That's it in a nutshell, anyway.

(And how do you get out of that fear?) By keeping my Dream in my mind, all the time!

(And can you remember it, now?)

I see yellow, light, and green. I’m so happy, I’m quaking! There’s a big, bright light in the bluest sky I can even imagine, and I am in alignment with all of Life!

(Keep thinking it! Keep feeling it!)

Hey, I’m expanding!

(Stay with it! You’re doing it!)

Yellow, blue, light and green! Happiness in things unseen! Quaking, bursting at the seams! Fear is gone, I live my dreams!


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