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The Sacred Revolution: Courage Tribe Edition

NOTE: Last night, I was lucky enough to attend a gathering of visionary people celebrating an organization (movement?) called, "The Courage Tribe." It was a testament to me that the Revolution, the world I want to create, is one of joy and dancing, of respect and consideration for all of Life. And I am not alone - at all. Better yet, it's in motion and welcomes me and anyone else that can bring their light to the world, and who is unafraid of personal and cultural growth. I awoke with the seed of what follows. To find out more:


A gathering of the participants of the Sacred Revolution occurred last night.

My heart is awash in color, a watercolor painting of sacred personalities and light, infused with not only the lights of a spin-throb dance floor, but with paint-brushed music, a colorfall complete with a




Yes, we’re unexpectedly colorful, those of the Sacred Revolution. We love to dance, and some are even good at it!

We worship compassion while standing in our truth and we see those conditions as the same thing. We use the words of competent communication; those that honor our complex human conditioning while diminishing full identification with it. We are more than merely human, after all. We know this because we see the paw-print of Creator in the mud that exists on the Rio de Vida and we note, in our clearest moments, that it looks much like our own.

The newest participants in this Revolution are often bewildered, staggering in from old leaky homes of rote religion and crumbling societal mores,




for the ancient indigenous homes with the good and healthful bones, the ones that the participants of the Sacred Revolution are building on a foundation called Connection, with beams called Community and Non-judgement. Their walls are painted with Dance and the sweet scent of Ceremony ever lingers in the air.

All are welcome here, my friend.

Now, there is no revolution or evolution that occurs without death. These are messy operations. The empty cocoon, the cracked and lonely egg bereft of the life it once held, bodily decomposition, seasonal arboreal defoliation... the screams of the woman giving birth are not theater!

Still, we are in this together and will not abandon her and what wishes to come to life. We don’t run from the pain, hers or ours. Instead, we stay in the messy room and administer what salve we have, tears for her discomfort blurring our physical vision while sharpening that of the heart. Nor do we blame each other for bleeding, for each of us does likewise. The difference is that this blood is sacred, for it's the blood of (re)birth, not merely the blood of senseless war.

In the end, we know that only living things bleed, so the anguish is allowable.

In the end, the glow of each beginning will be what we paint our communal home with; a kaleidoscope of the hues of our individual energetic journeys decorating the walls, even strengthening them as an exoskeleton might. Any experience that is consecrated for growth enlivens each and all of us!




the prophet called, "Ginsberg" once exclaimed, “Everything is holy! Everybody’s holy! Everywhere is holy! Every day is in eternity! Every man’s an angel!”

Oh, Sacredness! A sense of it is what drives this Revolution. We honor the ancestors and respect the earth they protected for us who are blessed enough to fall within the Seven Generations for whom they prayed. We are multidimensional and unstoppable. We are empowered by Love; in love with the Light and respectful of the hallowed Darkness.

We are walking through the world as One, for Unity is the ultimate reality for us.

May we walk in this manner, Unified, in the darkening forest as we call the names of all who will listen - those who crave peace and a new home, who may need bandages and even convalescence. May we welcome them with no precondition beside a desire to help us midwife a new and beautiful creation.

This is our Tribe. This is our Sacred Revolution.

(Photo used with no permission at all. Hope it's ok!)

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