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Decisions, Dreams and Demons

First, a decision must be made; sacred and ineffable.

Then, the kind demons arise from the underworld to challenge our resolve. This happens every time. These are the shell of the egg to the emerging chick, the comfortable cocoon to the dogged butterfly. They're seductive as sirens and just as deadly to our dreams. Their arguments make sense to our egoic minds.

This "making sense" is the charnel house of some of our most precious gems.

In the past, we've listened to these litigious monsters and our dreams were dragged away, kicking and screaming and begging to be birthed until only their ghostly memories are available to us. It can be a traumatic experience, the death of a dream. Those dreams may have felt like approval from God. or a loved one. They may have felt like "the reason I came to earth." To have something like that die can send us into a tailspin of depression that can take years to emerge from.

Still, the kind demons are deeply useful, for they ask us questions that make us flesh out the details of our ideals.

"What about this?" the demon of doubt sneers. "Did you think of that?" The demon may make some good points. We come to the place where we either surrender the dream to the demon or make peace with not knowing all the details, forging forward in faith.

For our biggest dreams, we often come to this point, the point where we "let go, let God."

If we're truly committed and if we've been sufficiently challenged by, and victorious over, our underworld "frenemies," if our commitment is indeed sacred enough and the dream able to withstand the underworld questioning, the door creaks open and we begin to trod the yellow-brick road that leads to the Emerald City that we imagined.

Our young dream walking next to us hand-in-hand, the journey begins.

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