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Ghost Math: We Are Never Alone

Ghost Math

I am a ghost.

I lived long ago.

You think you’re alone.

But you’re not.


When I was a body.

I was in a coffee shop. A woman paused.

Saw her reflection.

In the glass.

Sunny, summer day.

Adjusting her hair, she smiled.

I sat inches away.

Smiling back.

She never saw me.

And she walked on.

This is how it is for us.

We see the things that you do.

Your choices.

Your stops in front of plate glass on a shining day.

You adjust this or that.

And then we smile, and move things.

Not solid things.

Those are of no lasting worth. But energetic things.

You smile. So, we smile.

There is no judgement. I am describing a process.

As effectual as math.

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