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You’ve been through a divorce, the death of a parent, the downturn of ’08, and really bad bunions. You’ve raised kids that don’t like you and your eyeglass readers have bumped from 1.5x to 2.0x.

In six months.

You’ve seen enough in your few decades of life to convince you that luck is real and that hard work pays off… sometimes. You’ve been kicked and kissed, cuffed and missed, and through it all…

You’re still here. Congratulations. So far, you’re a survivor.

But I’m here to tell you that you are on earth to be more than that. You are here to thrive.

Surviving is fine for the two months following a grizzly attack. Did you see, “The Revenant?” That guy got eaten by a mother bear in one of the most realistic-looking scenes of “man vs. disguised divine feminine” there ever has been. He barely made it after being partially buried alive and left for dead. That dude, for the time it took for him to heal, was a survivor.

For us in this day and age, after being mauled by the MBL (Mamma Bear of Life), it’s ok to convalesce for a minute. That’s natural and healthy – or can be, if we don’t wallow in self-pity or drown our sorrows with distractions - chemical or otherwise.

After that, it’s time to get up. It’s time to look back and learn what we can, and move on. How? We raise our standards. We take a look at whatever it might have been that brought that bear to us in the first place, and make wise adjustments.

For instance, we may say to ourselves, “Walking through grizzly country with raw liver in the backpack is “bad,” then. OK. Checking that one off the list. From now on, even if I really want to, I’m leaving the raw liver at home. Done deal.”

Lesson learned, we use self-discipline and wisdom to move forward. We might hire a life coach, watch less Facebook and read actual books that feed the part of us that knows how to laugh. We start paying attention to intention, and devote more energy to the study of energy.

By doing this, we learn a little more about creating the reality we want, in reality. Because through all the disappointments, we’ve had some amazing successes, too. And we know that with our newfound wisdom – the stories told by the scars we “bear” (sorry) – we are that much closer to every awesome thing we can imagine.

Want a surfing dog? Hey, people do that with their pets! How about healthy relationships with your crazy siblings? People do that, too. No longer will “I don’t know how to do that” limit you. You now take classes, because you’re past the time when you think it’s cool to have all the answers. All that matters now is the standard, and yours have raised.

You’re not settling. You, my friend, are ready to kick some serious butt.

Believe me when I say that we need you and every gift you can bring to the world’s table. Now is the time to rise out of the ashes, to crawl out of the shallow grave in which your “frienemies” buried you, and with your dreams firmly in place, to go out and get them.

Bunions and thick readers, notwithstanding.

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