• Eric Aspen Marley


One doesn’t remove an iceberg simply by cutting off the part that can be seen. If this method were to be used, the top would be removed little by little but that which started out underwater would manifest, rising to the top of the surface of the water.

Even so, with time and enough exposure to heat, even the largest iceberg can melt into the surrounding sea.

Every situation that we encounter is the result of energy we engaged in the past. As we continue to engage that energy, the "iceberg" of the observable effect builds. These can be beautiful, or deadly. We all have icebergs like these in our lives. It's up to us to determine if we want them to stay, or if it's time for them to melt away into the expanse.

If there is a situation in our lives that is undesirable, the first task is to see it. Once acknoedged, we do what is in our power to mitigate the effects, without being attached to the act of mitigation itself.

In other words, if we fall into the trap of identification with the removal of the result of old energies, we will find ourselves trapped in the past, reliving it over and over. Worse, we attune ourselves to the institution of war because we are at war with the present moment. War has it's place, but it's something to be used sparingly and with skill. Historically, a Ninja or a Samurai is a mystic that understands and manipulates "energy." Understanding it, they are able to apply it with skill. As war is generally used in our culture, it's used indiscriminately. It becomes scarcely more than a lower-vibration activity that only attracts more suffering.

Forsaking war on ourselves as the way to improve our lives, we become aware of other methods of improving. 

For instance, observing our 'bergs, we see the results of past decisions as before. But releasing war on Self as the answer, we develop the capacity to begin to release identification with the issues. We realize "I am not my mistakes." From there, we make proper, "nuts and bolts adjustments" with joy in our hearts, thanksgiving for the lesson and gratitude for the Seeing we are now experiencing. Eventually we find we can release identification with the problem completely.

As we do so, we can learn that it's not up to us alone to make the shift. We all have Helpers. Learning to accept their assistance is a key to accessing the power to walk our souls path. 

From this point of both acceptance and skillful release, we are able to access greater energetic ideals which empower us to make positive changes in the current situation - and lay the groundwork for situations that are more in alignment with soul.

This is the way of a spiritual journey. And this is how we clear away the icebergs that threaten to sink us.

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