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The Prophesy of the Return of Peace

I wish to apologize in advance to any of my blog subscribers who are not ready or willing to hear the message below. I understand and give my blessing if this makes you wish to withdraw from the mailing list.

My intent is not to criticize or condemn as much as it is to make anyone ask questions and hold accountable an Institution that has, in my opinion, gone far astray. Please reach out to me personally if you wish to vent. I will hear you and do all I can to help in your healing, even if you are on your way out the door.

In a recent Facebook post, I spoke about a God that was made of Love and that valued gratitude and creativity. It got several “Likes” and drew many approving comments both publicly and privately.

Then, this comment appeared from a man I consider a friend:

“I don’t know…there’s something calming knowing that if I drift from the Prince of Peace, I will burn in everlasting hellfire.”

I understood immediately what he was talking about.

He was referring to the incongruent idea that a “God of Love” would sentence any of His creation to eternal torture, for any reason. Yet this is, without a doubt, something that has been taught in Christianity for almost two thousand years.

The idea he was referencing is one of the several “big hit” doctrines that drove me from standard Christianity a little more than a decade ago. Teachings such as, “God is love” and “I am a jealous God,” both found in “scripture,” suddenly seemed very contradictory and a little too “human,” to me. They seemed too much like what someone would say if they were hoping to control a large swath of a population through fear. In AD 300-ish, that’s precisely what the Romans wanted to accomplish.

And of course, it worked. It continues to work.

So, eleven years ago I went on a search that initially drove me away from Jesus. Now, after several personal experiences, I have come back. But this time, I am not much interested in the bookends of his life – the “virgin birth” or the atonement/resurrection. They may have happened. If they did, cool. If not, also cool. I can’t understand the mechanism or the reason for either of them, anyway. Best let those go.

Instead, I merely want to live as he lived. That’s it. I want to live with that kind of love. I want to be open and accepting of all who are pure in heart, and trust the voice of my own soul enough to let it tell me who resonates with the love that's growing in my heart, that will help it grow in light and joy. And I want to act with compassion to any and all.

It turns out that the need for compassion applies to pretty much everyone. We're all in similar boats, aren't we? And they all leak. Only the insincere and deceptive toward me get a, “Whoa there, mister. What are you really up to?” from me, these days. And then I still usually wave them into my heart, with the conditions we commonly call “boundaries.”

I spend a lot of time smudging, sometimes.* But it’s worth it to me.

The bottom line is this: Christianity as an institution has strayed. It generally no longer resembles what Jesus taught. It’s become far more about what a disciple can get in the next life than who they are in this one. There’s evidence throughout the religion of this. From the multiple jets required by top Christian leaders, to the vastly wealthy and warring Christian sects, to the perpetual defense of a President without virtue, to the historic wrongs perpetrated by Christianity, it’s obvious that Jesus has been largely absent from it for thousands of years. Jesus himself wouldn’t recognize it as the embodiment of his own teachings. No way.

So, what about the 2nd Coming?

It’s happening, now.

What? I thought you said….

What I said was that Christianity’s idea of Jesus is false. It doesn’t mean that there is not truth in it. It doesn’t mean that the Bible is without truth, either.

The way personal revelation works is less about the literal and more about the metaphor. Of course this applies to personal revelation made public, as some of what we call, "scripture" can be. Just as Jesus taught in parables, Creator does as well. Coincidences, strange dreams, animals acting in uncharacteristic ways - those are just a few of the tablets upon which Deity writes parables to us, among probably hundreds of ways. This instruction to us, whatever method is used, is most often in metaphor. Seldom does it come in a literal manner, a fiery angel speaking English in the sky. If only it did... we would ignore it or explain it away. But that's a different topic.

So, why don’t more of us get these messages? I mean, look around. If God is talking, is anyone listening?

Without going too far astray, I write in my book, “Sand: A Conversation About the Enormity of Life,” that we’ve largely forgotten the Language of the Earth. The issue is that the Language of the Earth is the language of God. The reason we don’t have it anymore has a lot to do with the fact that religion has made the Feminine the Enemy, and Nature is Her physical archetypal representative. We call her, “Mother Earth” for a reason, and have for centuries. Christianity is only one of the religions that has done this, including a Creation Story that makes Her the enemy of happiness and prosperity. Rather She was to be subdued and lorded over, or "husbanded."

From there, Christianity and other religions tortured the “witches,” those who dared to heal with plants, or who enjoyed dancing. It violently squashed any dissent – and it still does. You know the stories of the Inquisition, the Crusades and the genocide and rape of the Native American people on this continent, let alone the sickening history and (general Christian backing) of black slavery. And then there's the well-documented cover of up the most heinous of crimes against the innocent. These are all a matter of history. In the Information Age, they are not hard to research. In a tragic fulfillment of other prophesies, these sins are "spoken on the housetops" for all who are willing to hear.

Returning to the subject of the 2nd Coming, this is not only a Christian prophesy. Something akin to this is found through many ancient spiritual traditions on most continents, including this one. The Mayan prophesies about 2012 could be said to be around this. They talk of a return, or a re-birth or renewal or “shift.” They also talk of the destruction that will attend this rebirth. Of rampant war and pollution.

We are seeing all this, now.

Christianity clothed these revelatory truths with a literal interpretation and sold it as a package deal. Jesus will return in the sky, coming in glory in the clouds of heaven with the hosts of angels playing recordings of Joel Osteen. They coupled this drama with the idea of being “saved.” They said, “do this, and you’re good to go. If you're dead, you'll be fine. If you're alive. you’ll meet up with Jesus and come back to an earth finally devoid of weeds. But we'll still allow Monsanto around, just in case.”

Does that include dandelions, or are their leaves good for you? Guess we'll never know.

Whatever the condition, there’s nothing required about "being" a certain way. Accept Jesus through baptism or speaking a few words, “repent” if you stray, and it’ll all come out in the wash because of Jesus. "Born again" is never fully defined. Them “other guys,” who haven't been, will burn nonetheless.

Maybe because I don’t trust my spiritual life to the say-so of others, I tend to look at all the prophesies from as many traditions as I can get my eyes on. I see what they say and listen to my own heart. What I see is this: there is absolutely a return to the truths that Jesus taught. This corresponds to the idea that the Bible teaches, in spirit. This return is happening right now, too. But it’s happening outside of Christianity, because Christianity is lost.

There are real consequences to holding to the old anti-Feminine, cancerous Masculine ideals that created what we see in most religions - and governments - today. In short, those who hold to the old to the exclusion of the new are going to get left behind. It’s happening now. Those left behind will feel a burning, for sure. Burning anger and hatred of anyone that doesn’t look like them. This is the meaning of the scripture. Remember metaphor, not literal.

By contrast, those who are willing to evolve and embrace the higher law Jesus and others like him embodied are beginning to begin to understand energy, communication, compassion, non-judgement and intention. These will create the new world.

In the end, it's less about the God in the sky, and more about "the god in this guy."

We want all to come, but many won’t. Those who won’t are like the foolish virgins in Jesus’ parable that addresses this very subject. They procrastinate. Hey stall. They give in to fear (the Muslims is coming), or judgement (I hate LBGTQ) and let anger toward these and others be their reality. They take up arms, get violent in the name of God and shrink further and further inward until they can trust no one that doesn’t look exactly like them. They love a righteous war. By default, they hate any peace. Unless, of course, it's by annihilation of an illusion called, "Other." And if they don't pull it off, Jesus will when he comes back.

Hate to break it to ya...

In the end, their spiritual philosophy is all contraction into homogeneity. There is no universal expansion into openness. This is the Anti-Christ ideal, embodied. The turning inward, the consumption of the Self until there is nothing left but the kernel of a burning ember. All this, while the Universe itself continues to expand.

In short, for whatever reason, these wait too long, and then the bridegroom comes – the Truth embodied in a New Earth. Eventually, the door to peace shrinks in size until they can no longer find a way in. This is more a matter of their own perception than the size of the door. Still, those outside will annihilate themselves in the name of some old ideal, the same old “might makes right” that is evident all around us, today. The rest will live lives of relative peace and abundance, of love and communication, of gratitude and self-love, of understanding and openness.

It will look different than it ever has before, but that's how it is with evolution. It will work, however, because it will better align with the Love which runs in and through all things, including Creator. The Earth will sing. Not because She started up after a long pause, but because we've re-learned the Language and can now hear Her sacred Voice.

Finally, the Love that God is made of will be seen as it is; coursing through every fiber of every single thing we see.

Those who see it are already saved.

*Smudging: the practice of burning plant material to energetically cleanse a space, including my personal space. White and desert sage, palo santo, sweetgrass, and cedar are among my favorite "smudges."

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