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Scheming and Balance

Quit your scheming. Walk in Balance.

If you’re like me, and many more are each day because we are all evolving, you want something deeper. Deeper relationships. Deeper connection to the All. Deeper, more meaningful lives. If you’re like me, you’ve been chasing spirituality as if it could be increased. In reality, you and I have all the Connection we will ever need. It’s the uncovering of it that we are trying to do.

And this is the problem.

If you’re like me, and many more are each day because we are all evolving, you may have neglected the needs of day-to-day living in a world that requires a certain adherence to its own rules. We need jobs. We need work, and money. Those things require a certain dedication that can appear to be mundane, “less-than.”

It is an error of Appreciation when we choose “spirituality” to the neglect of the day-to-day needs of our physical realities. When we truly Appreciate our lives as they have presented – and appreciation is slightly different than Gratitude – we can honor “What Is” in such a way that Balance is introduced.

Yes, there are seductions to the capitalistic system that most of us find ourselves in the midst of experiencing. They take the form of over-consumption, greed, or “othering” those who have less. These are also harmful to the soul and to society in general.

But when we walk in Balance, we are able to be present with what is and give proper respect to the moments that present, in the ways they present to us. That means we take the deep spiritual lessons with us into the mundane world. We create, but are able to release expectations. We don’t over consume. Greed may appear, but we are powerful enough to release it before it takes hold. In short, our minds can rest a little easier and the scheming regresses just that much into a healthier way of interaction with the All, with what are actually the physical realities we encounter.

If you’re like me, and many more are each day because we are all evolving, you’ve found this to be a complex Dance between the Soulful and the Physical. It doesn’t have to be. Balance is sacred. It’s the way of All Nature, which is what we are. We are not separate from Her.

So, today I release the schemes. I know what I want to create, and I am taking measurable steps toward gaining those things. I am checking ego, and the greed that may peek over the hedge. I am holding to my daily morning practices so I can take the flavor of that Peace into the world as it presents in every ineffable, sacred moment.

Today I am releasing my scheming mind. I am putting it in service of increasing the balance I wish to feel in my life.

From this Balance, I will be effective in both worlds, which are really one.

(Moon Hill, China. Photo from Red Bull site.)

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