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Prayer To A Grandmother Shaman Moon

I’m sensing a powerful full moon, as she is bringing poignant emotions to the surface of my consciousness, borne of soulful desires for the health of the planet and all upon her.

My advice to myself and anyone reading this: seek solitude. Close the door to your room, put in earplugs if you must, and breathe in stillness. Or get near a healthy river if you can, among the wise, old trees. No motors. No voices, except those of the birds and small mammals. These, curious to our presence and hopeful of our evolving love, may well be our biggest cheerleaders.

After all, their survival is tied to ours.

Setting down a blanket with patterns and colors that reflect our appreciation of beauty, and with hearts full of forgiveness for all those silly misdeeds, we lay under a sky that ends only never and feel into the eternal.

Moonrise… kind and grandmotherly… gives us all the vision we can expect in the absence of the sun or man-made intrusions. We lay there, embraced by wilderness outside or within, or both, as the compassionate darkness gives needed respite to our busy eyes and minds.

As we still, may all those arguments fade as they do for all who die to the past. May the kindly light we face be that of returning gods and goddesses at the end of a hero’s journey. Only not at the end of our mortality; rather, within ourselves.

Round and full of humor, may this powerful grandmother shaman moon hear the prayers of our hearts, of our deepest desires for our healing for ourselves, and of all life on this miraculous Mother Earth.

And may she rattle us home with the sacred sounds of a moonlit night.

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