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The Prophesy of Thoth and What It Means for Us

THOTH's PROPHECY read from the Hermetic Texts by Graham Hancock

As Mr. Hancock states, we are at a great crossroads. Light and death are at war, and sides are chosen in each instant. Occasionally, we see moments of starlight, but the trend often appears to be dark. Whatever percentage we are within, the darkness to the light, we can change the course of human history. We are in control of the trajectory of the tragic path, the wide road leading to destruction upon which we currently tread.

But we cannot do it alone. As this learned man says, we cannot effect change on the macro level, alone. This is where the “professional protestors” err; the idea that, “if we just yell loud enough, they have to listen.”

It works sometimes. Sometimes, battles are won and this is good. But the war will be lost if we do not see the error of implementing this strategy alone.

The fact is that we can do only what we can do. We are unable to control anyone else. The healthy among us would never wish to violate anyone’s sacred will.

So, the responsibility is retained by the individual to change herself, and himself, alone. The choices we make bear the seeds of the change we wish to see. The flavor of our consistent compassionate thoughts, the energy of our loving intent when combined with actions that align are the only things that will manifest the macro-change we need to see in order to survive.

This is, as the video suggests, this all foreseen.

The return of Christ-consciousness, of the sacred in our lives, is entirely up to us. We have the technology of the forest, of the altars, the sacred stones and hollow bones, the ancient rituals and the voices of the plant nations.

They will help us, and we will help one another.

As we do our individual work, leaning on one another in healthy ways, we can shift the tide. We can come back into alignment with the planets and stars, with love and compassion and the God of Nature from whom we emerged, and to whom we will return.

May it be so.

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