• eric aspen marley

After the Lightning

Dripping leaves

On morning trees

Tell staccato stories

Of last night’s

Stormy rite

“Did you see the lightning?”

Mother cedar whispers

To her saplings

Gathered ‘round

“Yet you are safe now -

The rowdy clouds have

Taken their party


And we are tucked and fed

In Pachamama’s

Soulful bed

By those who went before

Nurtured from the forest floor

Our wise ances-tree

Whispers wisdom

While our roots

With Her


Excited birds

And the insect world

Awaken and hasten

The telling of a

Tale that’s older than time

And it is this:

A threat appears

Protection is proffered

Gratitude is granted

And the Life that survives –


--Eric Aspen Marley

September 1, 2019

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