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Questions for Empaths

I just had an energetically horrific week. I took some time tonight (Thursday) to open sacred space, meditate, and go within. This is part of what I took away. In short, while I have substantial sacred quiet time every morning, I've become lax in some of the more powerful teachings and practices to which I have been exposed, those to which I have made commitments. Take a read and see what you think about your own walk.

If you find it to be helpful, please pass it along.

Is it possible that the increase in the number of "Empaths" in the world can be accounted for because of the increase in “ether-thinning” practices? (“Ether” is a term I use to describe the fabric that makes up our “aura”, or “light energy field” or “luminous egg,” depending on whatever spiritual paradigm we use. The idea is that within that field is the True Self that occupies the seat of the soul.)

Is it possible that as an embodied soul becomes clearer, we are more susceptible to all energies? Is it possible that some of these energies are helpful, and others less-so? Would it, therefore, become increasingly critical that we embody practices within the paths/practices we used to thin our ether that will protect us from those that are depressive or regressive in nature? Those that are thicker, sludgier?

It's said that poisonous plants often have a plant growing nearby that's an antidote. Similarly, if we have “thinned” our fields, made them purer through whatever means – can it be assumed that the Universe has also provided ways and methods within those traditions that we can use to prevent unwelcome energetic attachments – whether or not we are aware of them?

What if we are too lazy to use them? What then?

Might the result of not taking our practices seriously enough to make them a part of our everyday way of Seeing, be an increase in susceptibility to unwanted intrusion?

If we have thinned our ether through the use of drugs, particularly without a helpful, protective paradigm, are we opening ourselves dangerously?

It would behoove any of us that consider ourselves "Empathic" to dig into the toolbox of practices that ground us and move them to the front of our intentions. Mother Earth energy makes us less receptive to darker ethereal and muddy energies, and more receptive toward those that are ordained to not only assist us but to introduce us to those that are increasingly helpful.

In other words, if we’ve been “thinned,” it behooves us to take care of our thinning. It's a gift.

We need to watch what we put into our bodies. Most food is garbage - and this is by design. More on that another time. We are wise to watch what we engage as far as entertainment goes; for all is energy. It's important to be cognizant of who we choose to be around. If a person or group is less helpful, it's important to engage in self-care by removing ourselves. Leave, with a blessing to them. Be compassionate, but go.

“Bathing” frequently is important. Salt baths, crystals, meditations, good food, and copious pure water drank intentionally all the way to the ground, are all good basic practices.

Unto whom much is given, much is required. If we desire protection, all we need to do is ask. But the asking is in the actions, in implementing the protective habits that have been revealed to us. Not merely in words alone.

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