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How It Is and How It's Not: Contemplation On the Nature of Spirit

This is not how it is. It’s like how it is. And this is what I want to say.

The One is the Ocean of Consciousness. We sometimes call this, “God.” Another title can be, “Creator.” We might get a little closer to the Reality by calling this, “The Great Awareness.” Whatever the words, nothing exists before or after this “Is-ness,” and these terms are inadequate, time-based as they are. God is The Great Unity. All that Is, is This. These terms, taken together make no sense to a human mind. They are irreconcilable because they attempt to assign a title to that which can not be captured by titles. Any title taken too far will lead us astray. The great I AM is as good a descriptor as any.

From there, there is a portion of The All, of I AM, that wants to separate off. It wants to see what it would be like to work within a broad parameter, but not as broad as Itself. For purposes of this essay, we’ll call this, “Soul.” Soul is that which is every aspect of “ourselves” that will manifest in all our many lifetimes, human or otherwise. Plant, mineral, animal – any incarnation we personally experience is part of Soul. It’s less broad as I AM, but no less a part of it.

At some point, each incarnation that Soul wants to explore takes on a less-broad definition, called, “Spirit.”

That part of Soul that wants to play as the embodiment of the archetype of King, becomes the embodiment of an earthly king. He lives like one. He does what they do. He makes choices from that realm. That part of Soul that wants to be a mushroom in a forest, becomes the embodied spirit of a mushroom in an earthly forest. Maybe Soul wants to experience what it would be like to be archetypal Stone? Then, Soul takes on the spirit of a stone and becomes the embodied spirit of a stone.

Anywhere that Soul wants to play, to experience itself as a part to play, may become that part. The only parameter is the will of Soul as it aligns with the Will of I AM. This permission is the only permission that is needed. Other than that, Soul is free to assign consciousness to Spirit, which then assumes a physical form to play in what we call “a reality.” It’s “real” only to the embodied Spirit. To

The One and to Soul, it is merely a suit. It’s play-acting, a costume that is donned for a while before it’s removed. The donning is called, “birth.” The removal is what we call, “death.”

At death, Spirit returns to Soul and tells its stories. It speaks its wisdom. The rest – the unwise, the variations from what might have been called “wisdom” or “aligned path,” is further processed. Karma is addressed and built into other ways Soul would like to play, what other Spirits that Soul would like to embody.

When Soul is finished playing, when the interesting possibilities have been exhausted and karma satisfied, Soul can be re-absorbed into the All. But this re-absorption, this time when Soul has done its work, can take more millennia than we have the comprehension or language to grasp. Again, Time has no place in the realm of either I AM, or Soul. Even Spirit has minor use for it. Only when it’s embodied does Spirit care anything about time.

This process, this “chunking down” of different aspects of The One is what we are doing here. We can choose to embody Spirit in ways that honor The All, the Great Truth of Unity, or not. To the extent that we do, we exist in safety – for nothing destroys the power of God, or exists outside of it. Nothing is greater than this power. And we are part of that. We only feel unsafe when we identify with the form that the Spirit has temporarily embodied. When we identify with Soul or the All, we know that we are safe, that death is an illusion, that this life is an illusion, that we’re in the middle of a great play, and that we are here to play in these forms. We wish to gain wisdom and light and to learn to stand in it while existing in a land of slow energy – which is what this life is. We gain experience. We grow and evolve “ourselves” as well as “others” – which only contributes to the wisdom of I AM; that which encapsulates all of it.

This is not how it is. It’s like how it is.

The only way to Know anything of this nature is to sit long enough with it. Through Stillness, it accumulates like dew in the early morning hours, before the sun rises.

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