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The Man and The Choice: Doorways to Wisdom

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

A man sat alone near midnight in the middle of a home with two glass doors: one to the left of him, and the other to the right.

The man, as pious as he knew how to be, prayed for knowledge about the Creator that he called “All That Is.”

On the night of a full moon, the Great Goddess, she who gave birth to this world, heard his prayers.

She decided to visit this man and grant his wish. But She in her wisdom wanted to know how badly he desired this understanding. Especially, She wanted him to know how badly he wanted it. For anyone can speak a prayer with the lips; only the heart truly knows how to pray.

So, she came up with a plan. She would send two women, one to each door.

The first would be beautiful to look at, but would only be able to tell him what he wanted to hear. The second would be a crone, but would carry within her the secrets of the Universe. The first would bring mortal answers to his mind and great pleasure to his body. The second would open his soul and be the fulfillment of his prayers, and much more.

As he sat praying, two knocks came to his doors at the same time. Looking up, he saw the two women. At that instant, his heart was opened and he comprehended the gifts that each bore.

Looking more closely through the glass at the door on the left, his heart leapt at her fecund, verdant beauty. This was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Moreover, he could see that the gifts she bore were substantial and would serve him throughout his life. Plus, he felt sure the woman would bring him physical pleasure that knew no bounds. Her smiling eyes told him as much.

Looking at the door on the right, he saw an old woman who also bore gifts. They didn’t seem as attractive, but they stirred something within him, for they bore symbols that he had written in his journal only that morning. Her eyes seemed to contain hidden secrets and the deep understanding that only women with rooted experience ever possess.

The man considered his choice. Standing up from his chair, he went to the first door and opened it.

His knees nearly buckled from her beauty alone. Her eyes plead with him to accept her gifts. Her lips, moist and full, parted and showed gleaming teeth. Her eyes beckoned. Her figure was highlighted by a fitted dress that hid few secrets. She smiled, seductively.

The man began to reach toward her and she moved her leg to step into his home. But his hand was not reaching toward her. Instead, he placed it on the door jamb, blocking her way.

Looking into her eyes, he said, “Although you are beautiful, literally stunning to me, I cannot let you in. For although you bear substantial gifts of both body and mind, they are not the answers I was looking for.”

And with that, he closed the door. It was all he could do to accomplish this, so great was her beauty.

He then walked to the other door and opened it.

“The gifts you bear are not as attractive to me, but the symbols you present are the same that I secretly wrote in my journal, just this morning. Please come in and tell me what you know.”

And with that, he opened the door wider and stepped back to allow her entry.

Upon entering, the old woman smiled and said, “You have chosen wisely."

And with that, her disguise dropped away and the Goddess herself was revealed, more beautiful than he could ever comprehend. Stumbling backward, the man fell into his chair, gape jawed.

The Great Goddess came to him then with the beauty of a million suns and a million starry skies, in a million Spring mornings and a million passionate kisses. In that instant, he comprehended all he had prayed for. His heart expanded to match hers, and his masculine wisdom became the perfect compliment to all She already understood. Her feminine intelligence filled the gaps in his judgement, and he was permeated with a light matched only by Her own.

And they, Goddess and Lord, forever walked in perfect alignment, in sacred equanimity, with All That Is.


One morning, a man awoke from a dream with the certain realization that he, more than anything, wanted to know All That Is.

For, while had been praying, he had fallen asleep in a chair that sat in the middle of a room in a home with two glass doors: one to the left of him, and the other to the right.

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

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