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Conspiracy Theory

Let’s talk conspiracy theories for a second.

As in, something is conspiring to keep you and I stuck.

I mean, the biggest conspiracy theory in the world is the idea that there is an evil red dude with a pointy stick that lives in the netherworlds. (Not the Netherlands. That’s different.) This dude wants you to join him, and does all in his power to tempt you away from God. 

That’s a conspiracy theory that billions of people believe. 

Now, I’m no Bible apologist. Not by a long shot. Not by an eternity. I see holes, flaws, and man’s deformed handprint all over it. 

But that doesn’t mean there are not kernels of truth in it, and some are substantial. I think that at one point in time the spiritual transmissions that it attempts to describe might have been pure. 

But they no longer are. They’re now the public water of Flint Michigan. They’re the wild salmon runs of the Columbia River. They’re the lobster harvest at Malibu. In a word, generally extinct or polluted by short-sighted man’s overbearing, power-hungry and egoic hand. Without making this a discussion about that, I want you to consider an idea, one that is described below. 

The idea is this: that there is a Force that does not want you to step into your power in this place and plane of your human mortality. It wants to keep you down.


Because you’re of no use if you can’t be trusted to fall in line and be easily governed. Because if you and I knew who we really were, we wouldn’t capitulate to being governed by anyone except the One. 

And the One is the enemy of that Force.

There is the One. And there is that Force. And you and I are the chips for which they play.

Now, I know that sounds awfully Biblical. But I also said that kernels of truth can be found therein. So, bear with me, please.

Now, let me submit that, if there is a One, then that One is made of love.

Ok, I do not have proof of this, except my own experience. But I believe that, because of the nature of those experiences, that One is interested in sharing that understanding; that heart-held, bone-centric knowledge that we aren’t primarily human, but infinitely more.

We are powerful Beings in our own right, related to one another by bonds that span eternities. And that, if we were to follow this sacred genealogy all the way back, all the way back to its sacred Source, we would find that it leads to the One. But that instead of many generations…  

We are the first generation.

In other words, there is no one between the One, and each of us.

As offspring of the One then, we are imbued with power, just as a child inherits certain - but not all - traits from a parent; a power that threatens the Force that wants to submit us to it’s will. Which is, not coincidentally, the same will that destroyed the fisheries of the North Atlantic, and that is destroying the Rainforests as we speak.

Because the Force can’t do it on its own. It needs minions. And, by hell, it has them.

So, if I am that Force, and if humankind is ungovernable to do my bidding if people really understand their sacred genealogy; if I know on my dark Force heart that the One wants to tell each human what amazing gifts they have in order to not only grow but to love and serve others which is the nature of the One as well-what tactic might I use to keep them from that understanding?

One word: distraction.

In other words, if I am that Force, I want humans to:

  • Get in debt, so they live in fear of not having or being enough;

  • Get really into things that don’t matter, like politics, sports, social media and entertainment;

  • Concentrate on the differences between how we present as humans, rather than seeing our sibling-hood;

  • Take without giving back, destroying not only our ability to grow into One-ness (with all that entails), but destroying the sacred, voiced natural world in the process as quickly as possible;

  • Numb out by overusing or disrespecting all methods of seeing who they are, including sacred plant-based medicines;

  • Misuse their procreative power in every way possible, including to sew division between genders;

  • Eat garbage food that doesn’t fuel us but fools us, destroying the Body-Spirit Connection so the relationship between the spiritual and the physical is unclear. I’d want them inflamed and ill, addicted to sugar and hollow carbs – and it would be funnier to this Force if it were their own choice to do this;

  • Find religion, and use it as a substitute to spiritual connection to the One…

I could go on. So could you.

Why could you go on? 

Because it’s all quite familiar, isn’t it? You see it, and you experience it. A numbing down. You know you’re meant for more, but you can’t quite step into it. Or, worse, you think you found it in money. Or power. Or, One help you, politics.

For make no mistake, that is fully, entirely the do-minion of the Force, these days. And I mean both sides of the phony aisle.

So, let’s say I’m right; that we are the distracted princesses and princes of the Great Monarchy, bumping into each other in the dark because we can’t find the light switch that has been hidden by the Force.

(I told you… conspiracy theory.)

How can we find the light?

What I’m going to tell you, I tell you from the bottom of my heart. I say this because I see it in myself, and in almost every other person I know well. Now, when I say this, you may say I'm full of baloney (like, real baloney from pigs that are also being massively misused). It won't matter to me. If you think I am full of said “processed meat,” don't worry about it. Just have a good chuckle and go about your planned-out, distracted day. It won’t matter, because I’m just another conspiracy-theory nut. 

But if you’re sensing what I’m saying is true, here’s what I want to tell you. 

The switch lies within you. All you have to do…


Is quiet the noise the Force provides so abundantly, and you will begin to see your gifts bubble up.

In other words, see what distracts you, and flip it off (pun intended). By so doing, by walking away from distraction, you gain the ability to see your own light.

Are you following the impeachment hearings? Stop it.

Are you a pro football statistician and fan(atic)? Not any more, son of God.

Do you know the difference between indica and sativa and exactly how stoned you want to be before you drift off into a dream state where the One can’t reach you due to disrupted REM? Forget those things.

Are you addicted to sex? The power of your soul will be found when you find the love within yourself to walk away from it long enough to step into Who You Are.

Epstein didn't kill himself? Hey... Labrador puppy mind... Leave it. It's not that it doesn't have implications. It's that it doesn't have implications for YOU in this moment. The moment that you need more light, rather than focusing on darkness. 

In fact, you'll have more positive impact on the world if you just focus on your LIGHT and let things you cannot control, go.

I could go on. Once again, so could you.

More importantly, the first inkling of your Connection to the One, or the next step in that understanding for you, is found in the silence you create when you say…

Enough. I am going to the woods.

Enough. I am driving in silence.

Enough. I want to feel what the One has to say. I did as a child, but I can’t as an adult, and THIS is why.

Enough. I want to be around people that love themselves like I want to love myself. But the ones I’ve been with only want to talk about what’s on TV.

When we do that, when we flip off what is darkening our minds (and thereby flip on the lights already shining upon and within us), we can sense that we are more. 

SO much more. 

If we can keep going along those lines without falling back into distraction, we won’t need a religion to inform us of our connection to the One. The crowns on our heads, the ones that reside on our crown chakras, will act as the communication devices they are.

And the honey whisperings of the sacred Universe will descend from the Sun, and the Madre Tierra, the sacred Mother of All, will whisper from below and all around us; through the trees and the cacti, the mushrooms and the rabbits, the dolphins and the bears, the water and the icebergs and the plains and the great mountains.

For she… She… knows.

And those whisperings won’t get clogged in minds too busy to feel them, that are too maligned to align them. Our bones won’t ache. Our lives won’t either. Love will be the only rule.

This is where we are going, dear siblings. I am honored to call you that: dear siblings.

This is where we are going…

If we can only stop the distraction long enough to see the way to the next light.

Let’s conspire to help one another do just that.  

                                                                                         (Photo by Matt Palmer, courtesy of Unsplash)

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