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Dream Home

(a slight remake of a FB post from late November, since deleted)


Walk into the empty home built

To contain your dreams

And start decorating.

Fill it

Not with nicknacks and plasticized toys

But with quality craftsmanship and soulful artwork.

Create your own furniture

Crafted of solemnly harvested timber

From the deep woods of your own heart

Paint pictures from the episodes of your life

To hang on the walls

Showing all those invited inside

The expansive nature

Of your wandering

And hinting that

For all your travels

You never even once

Left the sacred realm

Of Creator's gift of grace.

And, once you fully occupy this home

Once it is truly yours

Bake us some cookies

And bring them

Piping hot

From your


(top photo by Andres Iga. Bottom photo by Andy Chilton.)

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