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Division Is Passe, Unity Rules: An Invitation To The Masculine

Division is passe’. Unity rules.

Division is passe’. Unity rules.

Division is passe’. Unity rules.

If you are a violent person, get away from me.

I will welcome you home to life when you are ready.

But if you’re addicted to your anger, you aren’t yet.

Division is passe’. Unity rules.

With you standing outside our small group of men

We will become a solitary nucleus.

We know from sad experience that we men

Can do nothing without the Feminine.


With you standing outside our small group of men

We, the new nucleus

Are re-learning

How to ground down

Deep into Pachamama’s fertile soil.

We can’t force Her


And others of Our (un)kind

Have already tried that.


This time

We come

Bearing gifts.

We supplicate.

We prostrate.

We plead.

And She will answer us

This small group of men.

We believe,

She will answer.

And when She does

We will glow

Attracting the moths of the night

That are lost-

Lost in Force

Lost in Division

Lost in Lust

Lost in Religion

They will come.

And we will welcome them

As they shed their layers

Just as we have had to do

And are still doing

They will have no past

These new men

As they come clean

And step into the fire we have created

With Her


Division is passe’. Unity rules.

And what of the Women?


They’re already here.

They, too, have been waiting.

Not by way of gender alone


We are past that.

The real women-

Those that honor their sacred blood,

Laying it upon the Earth

At their own sacred trees,

That have long felt their feet upon

Pachamama’s fertile flesh

While their eyes have gazed


Upon Grandmother Moon’s

Gentle crescent…

These women…

These that feel their wisdom aligned with


And know Her voice

And know that they do…

They’re already here.

We Men feel

Their hesitant

Yet hopeful


This nucleus

That of which you -

Hateful man

Confused man

Self-righteous man

Dogmatic boy -

Stand outside

Is forming.

When you awaken

And drop your weapons

We will welcome you.

Division is passe’. Unity rules.

Rather than your guns

And your childish tales,

Bring your tool bags, brother

Because words don’t work here

Only work works.

Bring your strength.

Bring your discipline.

Bring every ounce of Love you have to give.


You’re gonna need it.

To reverse the karma of ages past

And our own karma too

(Some all too recent)

All our tools

Are well, well used.

We don’t judge you,

For we know full well your struggles

They are our own, too


We welcome you

When you are ready

To actively begin

To shed those heavy cloaks

And all that silly armor

Come find us.

Come join us.

Take the communion

Of the last joyful union.


We have a shelter to build

For all those that need respite

From all our kind once did

A shelter built of

Honorable Masculine

Disciplined Masculine

Servant Masculine

Unified Masculine

Balanced Masculine

Not fighting the past

But using those dark incantations

Against itself

Those lessons are kindling

For the very fire that will

Burn it up

And from those ashes,

Mixed with the pure spring water of love

We will make the foundation

Of our future

And for those of our families

Our tribe

To shelter them

From the coming


For they are coming.

This is the last time, brother.

These are the last times.

Hurry in, now.

We need you.

Division is passe’. Unity rules.

For my brothers striving for the New Unification: Michael , Erik, Thomas, Todd and Jeff, the conscious brothers I fail to name here... and those I am about to meet.

(Photo by Todd Quackenbush)

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