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Sow What Will It Be: A Poetic Question for Christianity

A little prose

To break your knows

A freethinking fist in your faith

The Jesus you teach

Has gone to the beach

And left you to deal with your wraiths

He left you instruction

A lifelong injunction

To leave all your bombs at the gate

To enter in peace

And drop to your knees

Releasing your fears and your hate

But it makes you uneasy

Dem Muslims is sleazy

Muhammad you’re called to abate

So, you smuggle bombs in

Through the gate – it’s no sin

To defend your most holy of states

But that’s not what He taught...

Your religion is fraught

With the blood that is always the fate

Of those who adorn

The truth with the thorns

Of their fears that are harder than slate

Sow what will it be

Will you follow our Jesus

On soft summer breezes

That blow through the souls of the Few

Who play in the sun In the light of the One Refracting his light like the dew?


Will you bow to your fear

O religious bombardier Heart drier than September fescue?

Your eyes wet with tears Dark soul in arrears Play acting an unholy rescue?

--Eric Marley April 2015

(Amazing artwork: Warren Wong)

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