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Ceremony Opportunity: The Wilderness Vigil

I've been remiss.

Anyone following my blog knows that I've made a few changes in my life. This includes "burning the boats" by moving my life to 160 acres in NoCal. I'm doing this with Jim "Redtail" Collins, my mentor. We're living in tents as we work to create infrastructure for a retreat center on this land that's sacred to us. Our hope is that the land will sustain us and allow us to work with it as we introduce people to sacred, transformative ceremonies.

One of these ceremonies is what we're calling a "Wilderness Vigil." This is patterned after the Vision Quest, the ancient indigenous rite / practice wherein one sits alone in natural solitude, asking for direction. In the traditional way, a supplicant might sit for a week as they "cry for a vision." They don't eat or drink anything while doing this. Some tribes make it a practice to perform this with nothing more than a blanket to protect them from the elements - which can be brutal.

Most modern people aren't ready for this kind of ordeal, yet would benefit greatly by doing something akin to it. The Wilderness Vigil is our "more accessible version" of the Vision Quest.

It's still up to four days without food, sitting in one place for the whole time in meditation, prayer, and intention. Believe me, walls do show up. But we allow some water and more shelter than a buffalo blanket to make it a little more bearable. Even so, this is potentially a transformational practice for anyone who feels they're at a crossroads in life, and who need time away from the common distractions of the day in order to feel their way through to their best options.

If this seems like it might be helpful, please click the link below and consider joining us on September 20th for a week that you'll never forget. If you'd like more information, reach out anytime.

The Mountain - Wilderness Vigil 2020 Fli
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