• Eric "Aspen" Marley

Creator Exhales: A Cough or a Sigh?

We find ourselves near the bottom of the exhalation of Creator. All that we see here in the physical plane, the canvas of the natural world, is the result of the Breath of Life of the One, the great All That Is.

What will we experience at the end of this experience, this occurrence? A cough, or a sigh? The former, if we as humans decide to continue to act as an allergen to the idea of Life.

The Nature of God is the Concept of Loving Equanimity. If we continue to celebrate war and competition, scarcity and separation, we can expect the Nature of God to “cough” humankind from the sacred breathing lungs of its embodiment as the God of Nature.

After all, if we continue to behave as allergens, unable to align with the innate health of the Embodiment of Love, would it be unnatural to be forcibly expelled? Hardly. This is how things work.

Furthermore, for Creator to do this would be an act of compassion; we could then be taught in other planes, where we are less dangerous to ourselves and others. This course would retain the health of the sacred Concept for the other manifestations of the embodiment of Life which are all around us.

The way the exhalation will appear if we choose to stay on this path has become easy to comprehend. We can see that what we humans have been doing is not aligned with concepts of light or truth. Since we, like God, also create from thought to action, from formless to form, from spiritual to physical (and back again), those who Know are unsurprised at the unrest we see.

Unrest: when God is merely meditating our existence. She is there, breathing at his altar within the sacred meditation room built into the forested hills at the cliffside monastery where S/he lives. Yet unrest is our current experience in the part of the world we call, “civilized.”

There is no real honor in seeing the future, at this point. The job of Prophet is becoming increasingly easy to fill. They are all around us. It no longer takes a particular talent, calling, wisdom, or experience. Only the truly blind believe that there is hope along the current path, using the same ideas and the same, tired excuses for continuing them. A tweak here, and a “regime change” there, won’t do it. More “righteousness,” more force, more power, more control, a return to the past… none of these have the power to change our current destination.

The prophesies of old – let alone our common experience of the cannibalistic nature of unconscious humankind - are enough for the observant person to be able to see this, if they are inclined. Just as math books have “practice sections” with the answers in the back of the book, so it is with prophecy in these days. Once, only the true Seers, the original Empaths, could see to the Time of the Great Exhalation; ours. Now, it merely takes a library card to the Sacred and the ability to find the section in the Great Book marked “Stillness.” This is where the answers have always been found, and the tools have been made well known to find them.

So, we know what the current path brings. A cough.

The latter, however, a sigh, will be experienced if we are able to choose a different path. But not just any will do. The course of action that will save us is one of Alignment and Inner Peace, of Unity and Cooperation, of Evolvement and Acceptance and Love In Action. If we choose to align with Life and with the power of our meditating Creator in these ways, this exhalation will end much differently.

Instead of destruction, ascension.

Instead of war, peace.

Instead of rejection, acceptance.

Instead of competition, cooperation.

Instead of hatred, Love.

And, instead of a cough, a sigh.

We have the tools, the library card is accessible, and the library stands open. It is now up to us.

What will we choose to co-create?

(art by Simon Rae)

Eric "Aspen" Marley is a consciousness teacher and one of the principal directors at a eco-spirituality school in California.

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