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Jaguar Shaman: A Vision

Not long ago I had a vision at the end of a meditation session. Now, this is not a common experience. I'm not that gifted. Or challenged, as the case may be. (I’m not sure that frequent spontaneous visions would be that great of a benefit.)

I share it only in the spirit of uncovering general truth and as an invitation to sit with the idea and see how it resonates. I've been sitting with it myself for several months, uncertain if I should share it. After meditating on this again last night, I decided that now is the time.

I was sitting outside on my deck on an unseasonably beautiful morning. As I said, I was meditating. I had used some hape’ * – but that medicine generally does not have psychosomatic properties. (See reference below if you aren't familiar with it.) For me, it usually calms my mind in an intense way for about ten minutes. But, other than that, there are few if any effects aside from what I describe as a "light in the backroom" for a day or two. How innocuous it is can depend on one’s intention. But generally, it’s a gentle assistant to my own conscious will. Either way, the Medicine is something that I use very infrequently.

But that morning I had opened sacred space and used it. I had decided to meditate with my eyes open. I was breathing deeply. I felt at extreme peace. My vision rested on the trees in front of me, which were blurry with tears of gratitude for the moment. Birds and chipmunks flitted contentedly in front of me, feeding on the bird seed I had laid out for them.

All at once, to my left and from the West above my blackberry patch, there came a Being. I had seen him several times before. When I see him, he is dressed like an Amazonian shaman. Bare-chested, macaw headdress. A staff of some sort. His demeanor is not what you'd call, "love and light." Dude is intense. To our soft culture, he seems more warrior than healer. But a healer is what he is. And he’s very tall – like nine feet or something – which is consistent with my Spirit dreams at night; main elements are always oversized. Along his side was a huge jaguar. She is multi-colored - sometimes jet black, sometimes speckled, sometimes rainbow-colored. Always she is formidible.

Regardless, I saw all this in a conceptual way. They weren’t solid. I was seeing what might be termed an “essence.” This is how he has appeared to me the other times, too. And he is always unexpected. I can never find any connection to my actions and his appearance. He has appeared in the middle of the day as I rounded a corner at work. At night. Whenever.

The point isn’t that this happened, however. It's what was communicated to me that's interesting and why I'm sharing this. What he “said” to me… I can’t say I know it to be fact. It may be, but to fixate on it as such would somehow diminish the transmission. Put another way, to state the message verbatim would make it less than true, if that makes any sense. This is true of most spiritual transmission, from my experience. It illustrates how metaphors and parables can contain multilayered truths. What he communicated was like that.

What I “heard” from him was this:

“We prayed you here.”

Now, there are a lot of ancient teachings that talk about how our ancestors seven generations back prayed for us. And that’s where a literal interpretation of the simple phrase he used goes off the rails. We not only think of Time as linear in this culture; the line only goes one way – from the past to the future.

But this Being wasn’t from the past. He was from the future.

(From here on, past/present tense won't make a lot of sense. But, I submit that it doesn't necessarily align with deeper reality anyway. We use them as we do in the name of convenience. Please keep that in mind as you proceed.)

In a split-second, I observed that things were critical in his version of our future. It dawned on me that humanity hung by such a thread that great medicine people came together to pray. But they didn’t come together to pray for their own deliverance. Not directly. Nor were they praying for their own children.

Their situation was so dire, it was so threatened on all sides, that this powerful band of shamans came to pray for their ancestors to change their behaviors, their consciousness, in order to help them to save the Earth. They prayed for us, our great grandchildren several generations down the line. Because it is up to us to make decisions now that will help put them in a position later to save Her. Otherwise, all would be lost.

I saw him briefly, this son of mine, borne of the future. He delivered this message and faded. The Jaguar remained with me that day.

As I stated before, I don’t know how “true” this message is. I strongly suspect that this question is not the right one to ask. Rather, it is up to me to ask myself what I can do to put my grandchildren in a position to not only survive, but thrive.

Is it possible that this is actually a legitimate concept? I think so. We don’t currently know enough about the nature of time to invalidate the idea. Moreover, don’t we pray for our unborn generations? We certainly do. Isn’t it possible, then, that they might have an advanced understanding of the nature of time? Is it possible that they might possess the ethical mores to use that understanding to influence their ancestors for the benefit of the governing Goddess of the Material World who is Pachamama, Mother Earth? Would such a people not pray for their ancestors that stand as we do today, at a threshold – if not a precipice?

I think that’s totally plausible.

As I said, I don’t have these kinds of experiences very often. There’s a woman I know well in our "Mainly Meditation" group that has what are referred to as “peak experiences” quite frequently. But this one… this one has stuck with me. This one influences the way I think about what I’m doing right now, during this pandemic.

Specifically, what choices will I make when I come out of this extended breathing exercise? Am I using this time wisely? How am I preparing for what is coming, and is indeed present? And most importantly, if my progeny is praying for me, am I a positive answer to those prayers?

Time will tell.

We all have work to do. The time of hiding is passed. We have done this before. I don't know how, but we have. This time, we can make it. We can be the answer to the prayers - not only of those who went before but of the advanced souls that will follow us.

May those of us who are able, use this time wisely. That man was a healer. But he was also a warrior. I for one would like to stay on his good side.


*Hape' is actually spelled rape.' I changed it to the phonetic spelling for obvious reasons. It's a ceremonial snuff from the Amazon (at least the varieties I use are). It's generally the ashes of the powerful machapa tobacco that's indigenous to the region, as well as ashes from other herbs as chosen by the creators of the medicine. It's valued for its "grounding properties," particularly as used with heavier medicines like Ayahuasca or San Pedro.

(photo by geran deklerk)

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