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Plant Medicine: Questions For A New Age

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

What if it's becoming passe' to ingest plant medicine as a means to gain spiritual perspective?

What if the plants are saying, in general, "Enough. We've served you. Continuing to consume us when you no longer need to is disrespectful. We were ordained to open certain doors for the messengers. We cannot do the work of evolvement for the Humans; that is yours to do, in partnership with Spirit." What if, in spite of the fact that non-hallucinogenic medicines are getting harder to find (sweet grass, white sage, and bear root, amount others), but a question of these living medicines being respected?

What if the plants are withdrawing back to their cultural birthplaces for respite among the shamans and medicine people who actually live among them? Rather than among the white colonialists who, in general, never truly understood either the medicine or the cultural setting in which they were historically administered?

Might such a respite be a way of apologizing to Maria Sabina, who first gave psylocybin to Tim Wasserman in 1955, and then, in some ways tragically, to the undisciplined but entertaining intellectual Timothy Leary a few years later, the Pied Piper of the 60s? Who eventually lost her place among her people for doing so, due to the lusty flood of hippies, starving for new ways of seeing reality, who overran her small community? And in so doing, introduced the capitalistic concept of scarcity to the sacred medicine once so abundant?

Might our prayerful withdrawal also be a way to honor the plants of Grandmother Ayahuasca, and those indigenous ones damaged by noveau spiritual tourism in Peru, Ecuador and other areas of Central and South America?

Alcohol works best as the fermented fuel of capitalism; it's vibration is that of rot and violence. As such, it's a non-starter for spiritual growth. But what of marijuana, the sacrament of the Rastafarian? What of San Pedro? What of Peyote? Might there be similar questions to ask about them?

If we've made relations with these plant medicines, is it entirely necessary to continue to ingest them? If so, what does that say about our "progress," spiritually?

The monstrous wave of white colonials were illustrated by the Lakota as an evil giant that ate everything in it's path, concerned only for satisfying it's own lust for more. Always consuming - and leaving tragic deserts in his path - this great Iktomi couldn't know that the essence of medicine is where the power lies, not within the substance.

This concept applies to everything we consume, from food to sex to religion.

Instead, might we gain new perspectives by simply sitting with these sacred Beings, with or without the medicine present, rather than by smoking, eating or drinking them?

When will we learn that the magic and the new way of Seeing lies in mastering the present moment, wherever we find ourselves?

The time has come to ask some hard questions. Do we just like drugs? Are we clothing addiction and escape in "spirituality," simply an excuse to consume as much as we wish?

When is enough, enough, white colonial "spiritual" "seeker?

(artist unknown)

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