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Receiving the Love That Never Leaves: Marleythoughts

Two notes about this particular missive.

First, I use the word, “God” interchangeably with Creator, the Lakota title “Tungashila,” the Son, and even the Sun. Please don’t get hung up on that. Just go with the feeling of God, release what you “know,” and move on.

Secondly, I don’t know or care about the gender of God. “He/him” made sense to me today, so I ended up going with that, after initially trying “They/Them.” I’m not attached to any of it.

Finally… wait, this is three notes… oh, well… this is a first-draft and I wanna just keep it that way, for once. Pick it apart, or use it, or ignore it, or both. Or all three.


If we believe in an omnipotent Creator, and if our belief is that that Creator is a God of Love, don’t we have to understand that They want us to feel joy as much as possible? Wouldn’t it be Their intent for humankind to experience the highest vibrational states as much as humanly possible?

We’re told by Paul that we’re never separate from the love of God. I believe that. For lack of a better visual illustration, I believe that the love of God is always flowing from Him to me. I’m bathed in it, all the time. It flows from Him to my crown chakra, and drips like honey throughout my body, surrounding me in the light and love of God. I think this is the way it is for all of Creation. How could it be any different, given our peak experiences, and even our more mundane ones that involve a more complete Presence than we normally experience? We can feel this love during these kinds of experiences.

I guess this is the point: the term, “normally experience” provides a clue as to what blocks us from experiencing the love of God, rather than simply acknowledging that it’s probably there. I asked myself this question this morning: What blocks me from experiencing the Love of God? And, by implication, stepping fully into my gift as a healer?

The visual idea of light coming from God and flowing into my crown chakra made some sense. (This is slightly problematic since I don’t think there’s even that much separation between God and I, or God and anyone – but we’ll go with it.) Picturing it this way, it seemed to me that that light was the love of God, and it was made of joy, even ecstasy. I know that when I perform a ceremony for someone and can really get out of the way, ecstasy is what I feel. It’s deep, it’s real, and it lasts a long time. There’s no discernible separation between the will of God and my own will if a ceremony is really done right. In other words, if I can get out of the way.

So, again, how do I get in my own way, from day to day? (Refrain from rhyming jokes, Marley. Refrain… reeefraaaainnn….)

Returning to the illustration of light flowing into my crown, the question is, what refracts or diminishes that light? Well, a few things.

Lower-vibration emotions or states of being such as shame, anger, fear, or lust can distract my Being, making me less receptive to the Love of God. It’s not that it isn’t there – it’s that I can’t feel it. Distraction itself is a big problem, for me, too. Yet, I’ve done about as much as anyone I know to diminish it in my life. I live as I do largely in order to decrease distraction, yet I still suffer from it due to smart phones, a love of movies, a love of all kinds of music – some of which is very discordant, compared to the love of God.

For instance, not long ago, I called Metallica my “family band.” Now, that just doesn’t work. Not that Metallica is evil. Well wait, yes, they are. Even James Hetfield, one of the two main members of the band, has said in interviews, “I love evil.” But this isn’t a question of good/bad, as much as it’s a question of what refracts the light of God from me? Better stated, what diminishes my ability to wallow in it all the time? Harsh music has an energy to it. This is not deniable. In fact, that’s part of the appeal. But that energy is in opposition to the softness of the love of God. If I choose one, it’s a simple matter of energetic truth that the other will be disallowed. So, which one is disallowed?

Here’s a rule: when it comes to personal energy, the heavy and harsh will always block out the light and ethereal. You can count on it.

Similarly, if I choose to entertain thoughts of doubt, or fear, or anger, the more refined feelings of peace, joy, love are blocked for me. Not that it’s not “trying” to flow from Creator, but my state is not such that my Being will receive it. This doesn’t make me “bad,” it just makes me “tragic” until I come out of it. I could bathe in this light, this love, and this ecstasy. Instead, I choose to bathe in doubt, fear, and Metallica.

So, what can I do, seeing this?

Well, it’s pretty easy, really. I need to choose to see what’s going on, in any given moment. I need to be in touch with my energy centers – sometimes called, “chakras.” I can look for blockages during the day. It takes some practice, but I can do this. I can make decisions based on energetic qualities of the choices that come up.

In other words, if I’m at a store and go to pick up some Vanilla Birthday Cake Oreos, I guarantee you that I’m going to get a “hit” that, “nope, that will make me sick with asthma. For sure.” Now, in response to this, I’ve said before, “yep, and that’s why Jesus made inhalers.” But a human response – inhalers – to what amounts to an energetic problem so severe that it manifests in my body as shortness of breath (DUDE! Come on!), doesn’t quite cut it. There is no inhaler for an energetic misstep. We have to see the error within the decision, and the Universe will, as sure as I’m sitting here, give us another shot at making a choice that aligns with Light. In other words, we get to try again. And probably very soon.

Once I get good at checking in at any decision point, and at multiple times of the day when I’m driving, walking, etc., I can work on breathing through my feet, which is a technique I use to pull energy up from Pachamama, Gaia, Mother Earth. I can use my breath (since I didn’t eat those addictive Oreos) to pull down the light from the Sun – or Son, or Tungashila – into my crown chakra. I can practice seeing with my heart. I can work with my little tools; the sacred stone that hangs around my neck, my Eagle Bone whistle, my feathers, and others. In other words, I can work with the energy and energetic tools that I choose to surround myself with.

But… all this hinges on my ability to be right here, right now. Not distracted. Not worried. Not angry. As I clear those things away, I'm more apt to be present enough to make decisions that allow me to experience the deeper reality of Living In The Light of Creator.

This reality is our home. We are never apart. Instead, we are always “a part.” A part of God. A part of one another. Subject to a love so deep that it’s incomprehensible to the mind. We are always loved. We are always cared for.

We just have to learn how to receive.

PS: “Getting out of my own way” is a complex process. Sometimes, one tool doesn’t work as well as another. So, I’m grateful to have lots of tools to do this in my toolbox. And then there are other methods to increase our capabilities and capacities; dying to the past, increasing our ability to love, and working with external tools (stones, feathers, crystals, ceremony, medicines, etc.) If these kinds of things are interesting to you, please consider coming to – or hosting – our course curriculum overview, “Uplifting Yourself: Power Tools for Self-Evolvers.”

Now, go RECEIVE!

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